Pure Clean Water (film)

Pure Clean Water is a film about the Hobson's Brook, one of our rare and precious chalk streams. Our screening at Eddington on Thursday 25th Jan was sold out. Tony Eva (the producer) took questions afterwards and delegated some to Daniel Clark from Cambridge Water Company. Water Resources East was there too, Water Sensitive Cambridge and Wildlife Trusts.

In the film, we learn that Cambridge Water needs to reduce abstraction from the chalk by more than half in order to allow the streams to recover. So even were the population of Cambridge steady, we need to reduce consumption, and Cambridge Water needs to reduce leakage and we need new supply from somewhere such as the Fens Reservoir. However this already been decades in planning and proposales are still 'at an early stage'.

Meanwhile, Michael Gove is determined that Cambridge needs to double in size with another 150,000 homes (there are currently 120,000 in Greater Cambridge).

Water saving discussions often showcase Eddington as an exemplar development, designed to use only 80 litres/person/day which is 43% less than average. However, Eddington's savings rely on a secondary water supply taking water stored in the lake for use in toilets and washing machines and this supply is still not commissioned because the Drinking Water Inspectorate wants the water treated to drinking water quality (X thread here.)

Pure Clean Water - sold out at Eddington on 25/1/2024. It tells the story of Hobson's Brook, once the main source of drinking water for the Cambridge now only flowing with help from tap water injected directly into the chalk at Nine Wells.

More screenings for the film are listed here.

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