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The Global Oil Depletion Report: Launched 08.10.09 is from the UK Energy Research Council. They are forecasting peak oil, as in the day after which supply declines, by 2030 with a significant risk that it will arise by 2020. They point out that, given lead times for alternative technologies, we really need to be preparing now

The Oil Crunch is an industry sponsored report released in October 2008. It forecasts peak oil by 2013, and says it is a greater threat than terrorism and more imminent than climate change. The whole thing is 44 pages but there is an excellent summary on the Industry taskforce on peak oil and energy security website.

Preparing for Peak Oil: Local authorities and the energy crisis from, the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre & The Post Carbon Institute is an eye opener, with recommendations for actions for local government.

Portland city Council (Portland Oregon) is an example of a local government body which is taking Peak Oil very seriously. They have analysed what it means for them and what they need to do about it. You can read their final report here: Report of the City of Portland Peak Oil Task Force

This presentation from Jeremy Leggett about Peak Oil (3.2 Mb) is the best explanation I have seen and still valid though it was written in November 2005. It is however 55 pages so if you are in a hurry:

Transition Leicester have written very helpful short guides to Climate Change and Peak Oil

and there is a lot of good stuff in the
The Transition Primer

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