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Faced with uncertain energy prices and climate change, our response is to build a stronger, more versatile community a community with the capacity to adapt to whatever happens and where we can be happy and healthy.

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Saturday 4th February - Saturday 25th: Repair Cafe's near you - February

Cambridge and villages 13:30-16:00 add to google calendar
Repair Cafes are community events that match people who need stuff fixed with people who like fixing things. They're completely non-commercial, though donations to running costs are welcome. There are no promises and no guarantees, but if something can be saved the repairers will do everything they can. Repairers are always keen to teach visitors how to do the repair themselves and at the very least watch while they do it. Successful repair rates are currently around 65%. Cambridgeshire has many Cafes, with more starting up all the time, supported by the Cambridgeshire Repair Cafe Network (CRCN) - a partnership between Cambridge Carbon Footprint, Transition Cambridge and others.

Note that if you want to bring something for repair, you'll need to book it in - bookings open a couple of weeks before. February's Repair Cafe's are in Burwell (4th), Great Shelford (11th), St Ives (18th) and Abbey (25th).

You can book things in, check venues, times etc via the links here.
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint - Repair Cafe's

Sunday 12th February: Empty Common Community Garden

Empty Common Community Garden 10:30-12:30 add to google calendar
ECCG is a magical meeting place for you and your friends, close to the centre of Cambridge. Enjoy chatting as you garden and relax. We meet as a group on Sunday mornings from 10.30 am to 12.30 or later but people can come individually or in groups whenever they like. We are just completing our 'Heads, Hearts and Hands' hut where we can learn, bond and do things together and have tea and cake too. Come and enjoy the space! More...
Source: Transition Cambridge - ECCG

Monday 20th February: Energy group: Grid Level Energy Storage

Downing Place United Reform Church CB2 3EL (zoom) 20:00-22:00 add to google calendar
Fluctuations in wind/solar generation and grid constraints mean we are not using all of the existing renewable energy we could be, and this is projected to get worse as we increase the proportion of renewables. There are large investments going into long duration energy storage. This session will explore alternatives including gravitational/thermal systems, liquified gas and hydrogen.

The meeting will be held at Downing Place but we will also use zoom to stream and record at least the part of the meeting with slides.

The church has not charged us to use their venue but would be grateful for donations. Downing Place supports charities locally and nationally

All welcome. Please let Nicola know if you would like to come, or to ask for the zoom link. More...
Source: Transition Cambridge Energy Group

Meet the Energy Group

An important part of our response to climate change is to contribute as little as possible to it, and a large part of that is weaning ourselves off fossil fuels. The energy group aims to do whatever we can to save energy and to generate renewable energy to replace fossil fuels .

Over the years we have distilled a lot of online advice about this which you can use and learn from. There tips on things you can do at home, insulation, renewable energy like heat pumps and wood stoves and, since climate change is going to bring us warmer weather, on how to keep cool. Look at our homepage for details of the next meeting or get in touch.

Latest News

GCP Making Connections consultation ends 23rd Dec.

Cambridge has a problem with traffic congestion and it can only get worse as the population of the area grows. To reduce the volume of traffic the GCP has plans for better, more affordable buses and improved active travel networks, supported by a charge to enter the Cambridge Sustainable Travel Zone with a car or other motor vehicle. Whether you support this or not, please do respond to the consultation You have until 23rd December.

Transition Cambridge supported the plans at the march on December 10th organised by Cambridge Parents for the Sustainable Travel Zone. Carbon Neutral Cambridge explains the plans briefly here. Cambridge Cycling Campaign also urges you to respond; they have prepared a guide to how to respond with sensible suggestions for improvements.

No system will ever be perfect but something has to be done. These plans are the best that we have seen so far and there is plenty of time for improvement if we make our views known now.
Source: Transition Cambridge 12 Dec 2022

Make a donation!

As many of you know, we run on a shoe-string budget, and we generally find that we can do a lot with very little money at all. However, there are some basic costs we have to meet each year, and we'd be very grateful for your donations. You can donate via bank transfer or cheque (details here). Thank you!

Volunteer vacancies

Are you a budding photographer, journalist or event coordinator? Have a few hours to help out and meet great people like you? We always have opportunities for you to get involved over here on our volunteering page.

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