Last month's Repair Cafe at Cambridge Makespace will feature on ITV1's Britain in a Fix 14 Oct 7.30pm

Repair Cafe on TV

Last month's Repair Cafe at Cambridge Makespace will feature on ITV1's Britain in a Fix 14 Oct 7.30pm

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Faced with uncertain energy prices and climate change, our response is to build a stronger, more versatile community a community with the capacity to adapt to whatever happens and where we can be happy and healthy.

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All of our events will follow the current local coronavirus regulations, and most of of our events are currently online. More


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Sunday 24 October: The Work that Reconnects: Rediscovering our enthusiasm and agency during the ecological crises

Outdoor venue near Histon (exact address sent on booking)
As people around the world are rising up in defence of life on Earth, we are simultaneously witnessing widespread denial and apathy about the climate and environmental crises, even while being confronted with news of heatwaves and floods on an almost daily basis. Just now, on top of this, we also have to deal with a global pandemic! If, like many others, there are times when you feel overwhelmed, angry, fearful or numb in the face of the environmental crises, this workshop is for you. Taking time to acknowledge and honour our (often conflicting) emotions in relation to the global challenges is a very powerful practice, particularly when we are witnessed and supported by the presence of others. This experiential workshop will serve to reconnect us with our enthusiasm and agency, and inspire a sense of belonging and renewed hope for the future. Click here for further information and to book a ticket. The workshop will be facilitated by Kim Ashton and Anna McIvor. Suggested donation £20 (or whatever you can afford). Workshop will be outdoors with a fire. More...
Source: Transition Cambridge

Meet the Energy Group

An important part of our response to climate change is to contribute as little as possible to it, and a large part of that is weaning ourselves off fossil fuels. The energy group aims to do whatever we can to save energy and to generate renewable energy to replace fossil fuels .

Over the years we have distilled a lot of online advice about this which you can use and learn from. There tips on things you can do at home, insulation, renewable energy like heat pumps and wood stoves and, since climate change is going to bring us warmer weather, on how to keep cool. Look at our homepage for details of the next meeting or get in touch.

Latest News

Homes wanted for retrofit study

A project team of Bioregional, Transition by Design and 3GCC are carrying out a study of how to retrofit private housing stock in Cambridge for the City Council. The study will produce a public facing guide on how to retrofit your home to zero carbon and how much it might cost.

The project team needs your help to conduct this study in gaining an accurate understanding of typical homes in Cambridge. We need to carry out simple site visits (around 1 hour) of homes to check assumptions of the condition, construction and energy use. In addition selected homes will receive a free air tightness test and basic retrofitting advice.

The homes we need are ones of typical condition and without significant retrofit measures already in place. If you would like to put your home forward, please email Niki and more details will be sent as soon as they are available. Many thanks in advance for your help.
Source: Transition Cambridge 16 Oct 2021

Seeking reporters, photographers, cartoonists...

One of our members recently suggested that we should have a colourful cartoon strip on a topical subject in our newsletter. We think this is a great idea, and would love to hear from you if you'd like to create one! (Contact us here.) We also have quite a few events happening now, and it would be great to have a small team of Transition reporters and photographers so that we can write these events up for our newsletter and blog. Please get in touch if you'd like to get involved. Thanks!
Source: Transition Cambridge 05 Oct 2021

Antoinette Nestor chosen as a #OneStepGreener Ambassador to COP26

Congratulations to Antoinette Nestor, founder of "A Toy's Life and Beyond", on being chosen as one of 26 #OneStepGreener Ambassadors to COP26. So far 20 ambassadors have been picked - see them all here. 6 more ambassadors are still being sought and applications are open until 10 October (apply here). There are various resources available on COP26 here, including for schools. Read more about #OneStepGreener here and find out more about COP26 here: More...
Source: Transition Cambridge 05 Oct 2021

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As many of you know, we run on a shoe-string budget, and we generally find that we can do a lot with very little money at all. However, there are some basic costs we have to meet each year, and we'd be very grateful for your donations.

We have set up a Paypal acount, or you can donate via bank transfer or cheque (details here). Thank you!

Volunteer vacancies

Are you a budding photographer, journalist or event coordinator? Have a few hours to help out and meet great people like you? We always have opportunities for you to get involved over here on our volunteering page.

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