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We are a community group supporting Cambridge in making the transition to sustainable, resilient, and low carbon ways of living, to ensure that our city continues to thrive into the future.

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Cambridge Resilience Web

Find out about local groups working on environmental and social justice issues in Cambridge in this visual directory. The Resilience Web is a collaborative project between TC and various local groups/individuals. Join the community on Discord.

Visit Empty Common Community Garden

Our new "Heads, Hearts and Hands Hut" in Empty Common Community Garden is a Shed of the Year finalist. Come along to see it - both the garden and the hut are amazing! Read our blog. Map.

Repair Cafes

If you have an item that needs repairing, bring it along to one of our Repair Cafes! Organised jointly with Cambridge Carbon Footprint and many other local groups, there are now lots of Repair Cafes happening in and around Cambridge. Find out where and when they are here, and book in your items! There are no guarantees, but our volunteer repairers are very skilled, and are also keen to show people how to fix things themselves.

Energy Saving Advice Pages

Our Energy Group have produced a series of information pages on how to save energy at home and various other home energy related topics - take a look here!


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Saturday 24th February - Sunday 17th Mar: Repair Cafes for February, March and beyond

Cambridge & villages 14:00-16:00 add to google calendar
Repair Cafes are community events that match people who need stuff fixed with people who like fixing things. They're completely non-commercial, though donations to running costs are welcome. There are no promises or guarantees, but if something can be saved, repairers will do everything they can. Repairers are always keen to teach visitors how to do the repair themselves and at the very least watch while they do it. Successful repair rates are currently around 65%. NB you'll need to book your item in - bookings open a couple of weeks before. The next repair cafes are in St Ives and Great Shelford (both on 24 February), Cambridge and Ramsey (both on 2 March), Burwell (3 March), Eversden and Wisbech (both 16 March), Soham (17 March) (and lots more further ahead). You can book things in, check future dates, venues, times etc here. Supported by the Cambridgeshire Repair Cafe Network (CRCN) - a partnership between Cambridge Carbon Footprint, Transition Cambridge and others. More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint - Repair Cafes

Sunday 25th February: Empty Common Community Garden

Empty Common Community Garden 10:30-12:30 add to google calendar
ECCG is a magical meeting place for you and your friends, close to the centre of Cambridge. Enjoy chatting as you garden and relax. We meet as a group on Sunday mornings from 10.30 am to 12.30 or later but people can come individually or in groups whenever they like. We are just completing our 'Heads, Hearts and Hands' hut where we can learn, bond and do things together and have tea and cake too. Come and enjoy the space! More...
Source: Transition Cambridge - ECCG

Sunday 3rd March: Cambridge Permaculture Group

Empty Common Community Garden 13:30-15:00 add to google calendar
Cambridge Permaculture Group meet monthly at the beautiful Empty Common Community Garden and Hut ( a Transition Cambridge project designed and run on permaculture principles and open to all). The Hut gives shelter for up to 12 people, with tea making facilities and a very efficient stove. We meet at 1.30 pm on the first Sunday of the month, to bring permaculture to life in Cambridge. We welcome new people inquiring into what Permaculture is all about, and those who already appreciate and use it, we all learn from each other. The Diploma holders/ students in the group hope to run an introductory course during this year. We may also do some practical projects in the garden and plan a film night in the hut. To keep in the loop and get updates, read the Transition bulletin or email us here to ask to be added to the Google group.
Source: Cambridge Permaculture Group

Make a donation!

As many of you know, we run on a shoe-string budget, and we generally find that we can do a lot with very little money at all. However, there are some basic costs we have to meet each year, and we'd be very grateful for your donations. You can donate via bank transfer or cheque (details here). Thank you!

Volunteer vacancies

Do you have a few hours to help support our community and meet great likeminded people? We always have opportunities for you to get involved with over here on our volunteering page.

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