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(TC) means this is news about Transition Cambridge.

Car Insurance and Energy Comparison Zeroes your Carbon Footprint.

Compare To Zero, a startup with big ambitions to tackle climate change, and supported by Cambridge Social Ventures at the University of Cambridge, has recently launched a new car insurance and energy comparison website that allows its customers to drive their cars and power their homes with a net zero carbon footprint.

Like Compare the Market and GoCompare, they help find great deals on insurance and energy. When a customer buys, they guarantee to offset the carbon produced by the average annual use of either the car insured or energy switched.

Their grand plan however is to use the majority of funds to invest in technologies and innovation that remedies the problem long term. Through excellent innovation centres, such as Cambridge, they see the UK as the best place to make this happen.
Source: Compare To Zero CIC 23 Oct 2019

Cycle September - the global bike challenge has begun!

Cycle September is a fun, free competition aimed at increasing the number of journeys made by bike. There are loads of prizes that you can win by riding and encouraging friends and colleagues to do the same. You can take part as an individual, workplace or group. Cycle September is based on a proven model that has engaged over 400,000 participants with significant long-term increases in cycling participation. For it to be a success in Cambridge we need regular cyclists to spread the word and help enlist their workplaces and encourage others! More...
Source: Emma - Love to Ride 03 Sep 2019

Planning for Net Zero

Carbon Neutral Cambridge recently ran an expert symposium in partnership with the local Councils and Planning Service, to inform the new Local Plan and explore how we could accelerate the local transition to Net Zero. The report is now available at the link below.

The top 3 findings of the report are that:

1. Local Plans are legally required to be "in line" with the Climate Act, though most aren't.

2. To have a hope of achieving this, the forthcoming Greater Cambridge Local Plan should set a Net Zero Carbon standard for all new homes, following the example of London and Reading

3. The average new home uses 40% more energy than required by Building Regulations. This is unfair.

We have a really important opportunity to shape the new Greater Cambridge Local Plan, which is currently at the initial "issues and options" stage, with a public consultation this Autumn. Do register with council now to make sure you hear about the consultation when it opens (link here). More...
Source: Carbon Neutral Cambridge 20 Aug 2019

Recipe Booklet: Transition Cafe - How to Make Your Own... Practical, Homemade Tips for a More Sustainable Lifestyle

The Transition Cafe on 24th July was a lively event where eight people shared practical, homemade tips for a more sustainable lifestyle. The presented cleaning, cosmetics, food/drinks recipes were: laundry detergent, scouring cream, kitchen sink cleaner, shower head cleaner, olive oil mask for hair, gram flour face mask, deodorant, kombucha, fruit vinegar and oat milk. If you have missed the event, you can download the booklet with all recipes from the Transition Cafe website here More...
Source: Transition Cambridge 06 Aug 2019

Open Eco Homes - booking open

Open Eco Homes celebrates its 10th year in 2019! They offer bookable tours of low-carbon homes, eco-renovations and newbuilds - the dates for 2019 are Sunday 22nd and Saturday 28th September. Some homes are v popular and book up quite quickly... Their 10th anniversary event is on 10th September is also booking up quickly (see separate listing). OEH also organises talks and workshops, open to all, on the theme of saving energy at home - dates in September tbc. The website has lots of resources and you can join the mailing list. More...
Source: Open Eco Homes 16 Jul 2019

Allotment plots available in Romsey

Do you fancy growing your own veg and fruit on an allotment? There are plots available at the Stourbridge site, off Coldham's Lane - ideal if you live on that side of town. Location map here. Contact the secretary by email More...
Source: Romsey Town and District Gardening Society 12 Jul 2019

Building materials needed for community building project

Got any scaffolding boards lying around? Or construction timber? Empty Common Community Garden are creating a community building, and are seeking building materials to re-use or recycle. Contact Nick on 07815 126227. More...
Source: Empty Common Community Garden 24 Jun 2019

Waterland Organics Community Supported Agriculture Scheme

Our CSA members gort their first vegshare last week . Those in the city centre had their lovely organic vegetables delivered by bike . To become a member and ensure your share of our farm's harvest , go to our website and sign up now! If you are not sure and don't want to commit for a whole season , try our four deliveries option and see how you like it. More...
Source: Farmer Paul and farmer Doreen, Waterland Organics, People Powered, Nature Driven . 14 Jun 2019

New Eco Radio Show on Cambridge Community Radio

Our planet is facing an environmental emergency. A new Cambridge105 radio show, The 7th Generation, looks at how the people of Cambridgeshire are stepping up to the challenge. The programme airs once a month with local environmental news and events happening in and around Cambridge, in-depth interviews, eco arts and reviews, and what the City and South Cambridgeshire has to say. The first show is on tonight, Monday, between 6pm and 7pm. More...
Source: Pivotal Arts 10 Jun 2019

Local Election climate questionaire

Carbon Neutral Cambridge have just published the fascinating results of their climate questionnaire, sent to all candidates standing in Cambridge's Local Election. You can see their responses at the link below yo help you decide how to vote, or to hold your elected councillor to account after the election. More...
Source: Carbon Neutral Cambridge 30 Apr 2019

Local elections on May 2

Local elections in all Cambridge City wards are coming up on May 2. If you're wondering who to vote for, you may want to find out what the candidates have to say on climate change. Carbon Neutral Cambridge have sent a questionnaire to all the candidates who are standing - you can find out their answers here. And if you cycle or walk, read what candidates have to say on Camcycle's website here.
Source: Carbon Neutral Cambridge and Camcycle 30 Apr 2019

New community farm coming to Cambridge

Cofarm believes a community farm for Cambridge could help boost people's health and well-being; tackle food poverty; support the local economy; strengthen communities and enhance Cambridge's biodiversity. That's why they're developing one next to Coldhams Common, off Barnwell Road. But it will only deliver these benefits for Cambridge communities if people get involved with shaping and creating their farm. More...
Source: Cofarm Cambridge 01 Apr 2019

Zero waste shopping has arrived in Cambridge!

Have you heard about Cambridge's first 100% zero waste shop? A start-up enterprise, Full Circle, is offering a range of household cleaning and personal hygiene products at Cambridge Market from Thursdays to Mondays as well as at many pop-up community events in and around Cambridge and the villages.

Full Circle offers a range of carefully sourced cleaning products for homes and bodies that have impeccable planet friendly credentials, and their future plans include more products, a bigger market stall and an electric vehicle pop-up shop. The business is right in line with the spirit and ethos of the Transition Towns movement.

Full Circle founders, Emma, Johanna and Paul are seeking help from the Transition community. You are warmly invited to contribute to their crowd funder. It runs until Wednesday 17th April, and includes rewards for funders such as discounts and gifts. Even if you can't donate, please visit the page for other ways that you can help the project.

Thanks for reading! More...
Source: Transition Cambridge 01 Apr 2019

Living in Cambridge Survey:

What's important to you about living in Cambridge? What's your experience of what's fair (or not) in the City? Take the Cambridge Commons' quick survey (5 mins) to tell us your view and make sure to share it with your friends!

All responses are anonymous and are to be used by The Cambridge Commons to help us campaign and raise awareness of inequality in our City.
Source: The Cambridge Commons 17 Mar 2019

Streamlining the events pages

We are planning some changes to the events pages on this site - rather than five separate pages there will be only two: one for upcoming events and recent news, plus one for older news. This will mean that you don't have to look at lots of pages to see what is happening.

As a first stage in this change, if you submit an item you will find that the Name or organisation field is no longer optional - you must fill it in. This is important to avoid misunderstandings - we don't want to seem to be taking credit for other people's efforts.
Source: Transition Cambridge 16 Jan 2019

Recycling point for 'hard-to-recycle' items

The zero waste store, Full Circle, has just started to accept a wide range of items for recycling that are not currently accepted by the council. The items include crisp packets, biscuit wrappers and dental care items.

Full Circle have a stall on the market every Monday (opposite the electronics stall) where they can accept items for recycling. More...
Source: Full Circle 16 Jan 2019

Petition to Cambridge City Council: Declare a Climate Emergency

Extinction Rebellion Cambridge are petitioning Cambridge City Council to declare a climate emergency and therfore rapidly reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions as well as working with institutions in Cambridge to make the whole city zero carbon by 2025. If 500 people, who live, work or study in Cambridge sign the petition, the Council has to debate the motion. The deadline is 3/Feb/2019.

Other councils have already passed a similar motion, such as Bristol, London, Brighton, Totnes and South Cambs. You need to register on the council website to sign the petition; but it does explain what to do if you follow the link. See also the Climate Petition Signup in this week's news section... More...
07 Jan 2019

Sponsored Veganuary

Going vegan is probably one of the most effective things we can all do to reduce our climate impact. To try this out, Tom Bragg and Anne Miller are going Vegan for January in aid of Cambridge Carbon Footprint. Do sponsor us (or do join us in raising your own sponsorship). Follow our progress and recipes on twitter at #vegan4ccf More...
05 Jan 2019

Model railway track - TT3 (12mm) gauge - free

the track

Stored for many years in a garage, so with plenty of dust and some cobwebs - but where those have been cleaned, it doesn't look bad. The track, which I think is Wrenn Formoway, looks as if it could be salvageable. The foam 'ballast' underlay is definitely no good, and I haven't checked in detail the base (hardboard), frame (timber), or point levers and solenoids. In two sections each 4ft * 6ft, the more densely-populated of which is surprisingly heavy. All free to anyone who can save any of it from landfill, but the new owner must arrange transport. More photos available on request.

Please contact me if you are interested.
Source: Ken Warner 04 Jan 2019

Thermionic valves (audio) - free

Free and delivered free in the Cambridge area as a job lot: I prefer not to subdivide. Put away a long time ago and I have no way of proving whether or not they still work. Total 22, as follows: DK96; ECC83 * 7 (+1 suspect); EF93/6BA6; EL34 (German) * 2; EL34/6CA7 (Mullard) * 2; GZ34; PCL86; 6EA8; 7199 * 2; 8JV8; 12X4 * 2

Please contact me if you are interested.
Source: Ken Warner 13 Nov 2018

Blue Tap reusable bottles now available in University cafes!

Blue Tap is a Cambridge start-up that is aiming to tackle two of the biggest issues facing humanity: access to clean water and plastic waste.

Blue Tap's core technology is a chlorine injector that allows communities in emerging markets to take sustainable control over their access to water. The team carry out capacity building on proper technology management with local stakeholders and communities. To fund their water enterprise, they sell reusable water bottles and thermoses, which have recently gone on sale in Cambridge University cafes. More...
Source: Blue Tap 04 Nov 2018

Can you help us with sewing repairs at the Sustainable Fashion Festival?

We're looking for more volunteers to help us with simple sewing repairs at the Circular Cambridge Sustainable Fashion Festival on Sat 17 November at St Barnabas Church, Mill Road.

We'll be helping people with their mending from 1.30 - 4.30pm.

Hand sewing and machine sewing both welcome. We're expecting all sorts of small repairs: hems, buttons, zips, tears etc. Just an hour or so's help would be really useful - thanks! More...
Source: Cambridge Repair Café 29 Oct 2018

Volunteer Opportunities: Transition Cafe Coordinators

Imagine a lovely venue with lively conversation, talks, films and presentations about all the things we're passionate about to build a great community in our city! A couple of new venue opportunities have appeared to make a monthly Transition Cafe possible... Could you join a coordinators' team to help organise cafe nights and bring a much needed sense of place to Transition Cambridge? Skills needed: Organising abilities, good networking and promotional skills. Time commitment: 1-4 hours per month plus cafe times tba. Contact:Liz for more information, or come along to the Volunteers Fair this Saturday 20th!
Source: Transition Cambridge 15 Oct 2018

Plastic project box (or audio oscillator)

White plastic project box, 82mm high, 205 wide, 140 deep overall. Top & bottom halves, slots for front and back panels and two internal dividers. Presently occupied by an audio oscillator that wasn't a great success, but the instructions (Wireless World 1977) have survived and the major problem is understood. Free and delivered free in the Cambridge area. Contact Ken
Source: Ken Warner 11 Oct 2018

Three wooden project boxes (or kit-built hifi)

Three smart, matching, wooden boxes. One piece sleeve top/bottom/sides: 73mm high (inc. feet), 390 wide, 171 deep overall. 48h, 372w, 160d internal. Intended to accept a slide-in folded tray and flat front and back panels. One is presently occupied by a stereo amplifier which was said to run hot, one is occupied by an FM tuner which looks a bit unfinished, one is unused. The kits were from Integrex, the designs perhaps from Wireless World in the '70s? Free and delivered free in the Cambridge area. Contact Ken
Source: Ken Warner 11 Oct 2018

240v to 117v (sic) 300vA transformer - free

The transformer was previously used for American HiFi, and is presumably suitable for other imported consumer goods.

140mm high, 110mm wide, 135mm deep, about 8kg.

Four apparently-similar windings, configured two primaries in series, two secondaries in parallel. Just the transformer: NOT in a safe enclosure.

Photos available on request. Delivered free in the Cambridge area. Please email Ken if you are interested.
Source: Ken Warner 03 Oct 2018

What do our local government representatives think about climate change?

Time to vote!

Newly formed organisation, Carbon Neutral Cambridge has published a poll on candidates in the recent Petersfield by-election. The poll gathered the candidates' views on climate change and its effect on our city and region, which you can read here. Kelley Green (Labour) won, so the composition of councillors on the city council is 26 Labour, 13 Lib Dem, 2 Independent and 1 Green.

Carbon Neutral Cambridge's aim is to help the Cambridge region transition to being greener, cleaner, healthier and carbon neutral by the 2030s. They are keen for people to join in. Visit this link to sign up to their mailing list to be kept informed and help with campaigns. More...
Source: Anne Miller Carbon Neutral Cambridge 17 Sep 2018

Camcycle Cycling Survey

Do you travel in and around Cambridge - by cycle or otherwise? We want to hear from you. Please complete this survey about cycling in Cambridge. More...
Source: Camcycle 01 Sep 2018

Volunteer Opportunity: Bulletin Writers

Our fortnightly e-bulletin has been published continuously since 2010 and is much appreciated as one of the best round-ups of sustainability-related activities in and around Cambridge. We are seeking one or two volunteers to help edit and publish the fortnightly bulletin and upload it onto the website. The editor writes a short introduction, makes a few web links, then publishes to our list, the Transition website, and finally posts links on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Some clever web wizardry collates all the listings for you. Commitment level: approx 1 hour per bulletin, on a rota with 3 others, over a time frame to suit you. Skills: basic knowledge of Wiki mark-up language and social media (Twitter and Facebook) Full training offered, please contact the Bulletin Writers' Team to find out more.
Source: Transition Cambridge 26 Jul 2018

Allotment plots available in Romsey

If you'd like to grow your own fruit, veg, herbs and flowers, there are currently plots available at Stourbridge Grove, off Coldhams Lane. Taking on an allotment plot can be a satisfying and fun learning experience, and it needn't be expensive. A map of the location is here and you can check the website here. To find out more, contact the membership secretary .
Source: Romsey Town and District Allotment Society 09 Jul 2018

Call out for gardening volunteers

Are you interested in learning how to garden using permaculture principles and helping others do the same?

Headway Cambridgeshire are offering a limited number of spaces on their next Growing Together gardening course for volunteers who want to learn alongside people who have experienced a brain injury.

It doesn't matter how much gardening experience you have - as long as you come with an open mind.

The course is free and will take place at a community garden in Cambridge and one in Peterborough from Thursday 13 September 2018 until mid-March 2019, after which there will be 3 months of practical application of the ideas we have explored on the course. You only need to volunteer at one of these locations for two hours a week on a Thursday.

Contact Simon Lacey on 01223 576550 or by email for more information. More...
04 Jul 2018

Low-carbon holidays...

If you're planning your holidays, here's a quick reminder about the wonderful "The Man in Seat61" website that has helpful advice about how to get just about anywhere without flying. And if you like being in the great outdoors, WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a great way to learn about food growing by helping out on a farm in exchange for food and accommodation (UK website here).
26 Jun 2018

Cambridge Car Free Day Petition

Cambridge can be a beautiful place to live in and enjoy. But the menace of air pollution is unseen. Studies show that almost 40,000 people die prematurely a year from air pollution in this country. Cambridge Commons has started a petition for a Car Free Day on Saturday 22 September 2018. It will be a day of community celebrations and street parties, when people gather outdoors and breathe fresh air. it could be a catalyst for a better urban future for all. Please sign and share the petition! More...
Source: Transition Cambridge 19 Jun 2018

5-month paid internship at Cambridge Sustainable Food

Cambridge Sustainable Food are are currently looking for a paid intern for 5 months between July and November 2018. For more details about the opportunity and how to apply, click here.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 13th June at 5pm! More...
Source: Cambridge Sustainable Food 31 May 2018

Empty Common on Cambridge 105

Cambridge 105 featured the Empty Common Community Garden on their Flavour program recently: - hear the birdsong, imagine the burgeoning exploding cucumbers (!) and listen to Charlotte et al explain how the garden grows on this podcost of the program. ( Transition Cambridge and ECCG start 17:30 minutes in.) More...
Source: Transition Cambridge 13 May 2018

Petition for a car free day in Cambridge

Traffic pollution is estimated to cause 40,000 premature deaths every year in UK. Cambridge Commons have started a petition for a car free day in Cambridge,as a way of alerting people to these danger. It will be a day of community celebrations and street parties. It will be a day when people gather outdoors and breathe fresh air. It will be a day to demonstrate a shared vision of a healthier, cleaner and greener future. We propose 22nd September, the same day as in London (see Facebook @carfreedayLDN).

"We the undersigned ask the Mayor, Mr James Palmer, the Combined Authority and local authorities, to declare a Car Free zone in Cambridge on Saturday 22 September 2018 as a sign of their resolve to eradicate poisonous fumes from our urban areas"

Please show your support by signing it. More...
Source: Cambridge Commons 26 Apr 2018

Missed the Cleanwheels launch? See the slides.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Cleanwheels survey launch on 9th April and contributed to the thoughtful discussions. In case you missed it, you can download some of the slides here: James' on how you can convert a lamppost to a charging point, and Alistair's on the benefits of car clubs generally.

Also, if you haven't already done so, please do fill in the survey.. It will only take a minute.
Source: Transition Cambridge 22 Apr 2018

Do you live in an eco home?

Do you live in an eco-home? We are currently looking for homes and hosts to take part in Open Eco Homes 2018. We are specifically looking for homes that have been renovated to a high standard of energy efficiency and environmental consciousness but would love to hear from owners of new builds too. Open Eco Homes 2018 will take place on September 30th and October 6th. Visit our website by April 6th for more information and to let us know if you would like to take part. More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint 16 Mar 2018

Proposed waste incinerator for Waterbeach

Resource use and energy are key Transition issues, and here's something on our metaphorical doorstep.

Amey Cespa are proposing to build an 'energy from waste' facility at their Waterbeach site. You can read more on their website here. Such waste incinerators have a number of controversial aspects including health, emissions, environment, traffic (truck movements to bring in waste and remove residues). A local group (Cambridge without incineration) has formed to raise concerns. See their website here.

Nicola Terry has blogged her personal view here.
16 Mar 2018

Cambridge Carbon Footprint seek a new Treasurer

We're looking for a new Treasurer - an essential role in our work engaging and supporting people in choosing low carbon living. You would:

  • oversee our finances and advise trustees
  • help prepare budgets and accounts
  • help update our systems, with support from staff and trustees

You'd also be a Trustee, helping plan and steer CCF's work. We're jointly responsible for ensuring the charity is well-run - from producing a clear vision to good management of people and finances.

You'll already have had relevant experience and responsibility, maybe in a business, charity or other organisation. If this suits you (or someone you know), welcome! More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint 10 Mar 2018

Please fill in our Car Club survey

Car clubs are a way to provide sustainable transport options, taking cars off the street and making electric or hybrid cars affordable. So please take a few minutes to fill in our survey - we need your views on what sort of car clubs we want in Cambridge, where, and how much difference they can make. The city and county councils are currently preparing new contracts for use of car club bays in the city and surrounding areas so this is a critical time - your views can make a difference. More...
Source: Transition Cambridge 26 Feb 2018

Funded PhD - 'Future cities: governing low-carbon energy transitions'

This fully funded PhD at the Global Sustainability Institute in Cambridge will explore the critical conditions for enabling local low-carbon energy transitions, particularly through networks of city local authorities (LAs) across Europe. It is in partnership with Energy Cities - the European Association of LAs in Energy Transition - which is a network organisation with a membership of 1,000+ LAs over 30+ countries. Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Chris and Rosie to discuss further. The annual stipend (paid quarterly) will track RCUK levels across the three years, which is set to be £14,777/year (tax free) for 2018-2019. Only EU/UK nationals are eligible to apply. Deadline for all paperwork is 5th March. More...
Source: Rosie Robison 12 Feb 2018

Camcycle: Communications and Community Officer

Camcycle (Cambridge Cycling Campaign) are looking for a Communications and Community Officer. Are you passionate about cycling as a means of sustainable transport and skilled in social media, digital and print communications, event management and volunteer coordination? Then this might just be the perfect career opportunity for you. Salary £24 - £27 K. Flexible hours. Applications close 23 Feb. More...
Source: Camcycle 01 Feb 2018

New fact page on Windows

See out new fact page for advice about double and triple glazing, condensation, vents, managing solar gain and even recycling potential for windows. More...
Source: Transition Cambridge 05 Jan 2018

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