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Volunteer Opportunities: Transition Cafe Coordinators

Imagine a lovely venue with lively conversation, talks, films and presentations about all the things we're passionate about to build a great community in our city! A couple of new venue opportunities have appeared to make a monthly Transition Cafe possible... Could you join a coordinators' team to help organise cafe nights and bring a much needed sense of place to Transition Cambridge? Skills needed: Organising abilities, good networking and promotional skills. Time commitment: 1-4 hours per month plus cafe times tba. Contact:Liz for more information, or come along to the Volunteers Fair this Saturday 20th!
From: Transition Cambridge 15 Oct 2018

Volunteer Opportunity: Bulletin Writers

Our fortnightly e-bulletin has been published continuously since 2010 and is much appreciated as one of the best round-ups of sustainability-related activities in and around Cambridge. We are seeking one or two volunteers to help edit and publish the fortnightly bulletin and upload it onto the website. The editor writes a short introduction, makes a few web links, then publishes to our list, the Transition website, and finally posts links on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Some clever web wizardry collates all the listings for you. Commitment level: approx 1 hour per bulletin, on a rota with 3 others, over a time frame to suit you. Skills: basic knowledge of Wiki mark-up language and social media (Twitter and Facebook) Full training offered, please contact the Bulletin Writers' Team to find out more.
26 Jul 2018

Empty Common on Cambridge 105

Cambridge 105 featured the Empty Common Community Garden on their Flavour program recently: - hear the birdsong, imagine the burgeoning exploding cucumbers (!) and listen to Charlotte et al explain how the garden grows on this podcost of the program. ( Transition Cambridge and ECCG start 17:30 minutes in.) More...
From: Transition Cambridge 13 May 2018

Missed the Cleanwheels launch? See the slides.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Cleanwheels survey launch on 9th April and contributed to the thoughtful discussions. In case you missed it, you can download some of the slides here: James' on how you can convert a lamppost to a charging point, and Alistair's on the benefits of car clubs generally.

Also, if you haven't already done so, please do fill in the survey.. It will only take a minute.
From: Transition Cambridge 22 Apr 2018

Please fill in our Car Club survey

Car clubs are a way to provide sustainable transport options, taking cars off the street and making electric or hybrid cars affordable. So please take a few minutes to fill in our survey - we need your views on what sort of car clubs we want in Cambridge, where, and how much difference they can make. The city and county councils are currently preparing new contracts for use of car club bays in the city and surrounding areas so this is a critical time - your views can make a difference. More...
From: Transition Cambridge 26 Feb 2018

We have updated our bulletin subscription list

We have now updated our bulletin subscription list, removing all old emails for people who have not confirmed. If you are one of these and you would like to resume, don't worry you can always sign up again

We have done this because of recent changes in data protection laws that come into effect in May. They require us to be able to show that each of you has given us permission to use your email. Some of you subscribed for yourselves and some of you requested we add you to the list - but unfortunately we have not kept records.

We do hope you find the news bulletin useful. If you have suggestions please let us know.
From: Transition Cambridge 22 Apr 2018

New fact page on Windows

See out new fact page for advice about double and triple glazing, condensation, vents, managing solar gain and even recycling potential for windows. More...
From: Transition Cambridge 05 Jan 2018

Thank you Arjuna!

"Growing Spaces would like to express our utmost thanks to Arjuna Wholefoods, who have made a generous donation of £350 to our project! Arjuna donate 10% of their annual profits to local charities and community groups, and we are delighted to have been selected as a recipient this year.

Cambridge's Growing Spaces team put in many hours of planning and planting throughout the year to ensure that the spaces are always available for use by all Cambridge residents. Like Arjuna, Growing Spaces wouldn't be possible without the tireless efforts and cooperation of its members.

In order to acknowledge this and help raise public awareness and understanding of what we do, we plan on using Arjuna's donation to release a short film about the group. We're confident that this will help draw attention to the abundance of free-to-access food lining our city's hedgerows, parks and streets.
From: Growing Spaces 23 Nov 2017

2017 Annual Report

The annual report for 2016/2017 (pdf 1.5Mb) is out. Check out what we did - we've been busy. The report includes some results from the membership survey and the Treasurer's report, in case you missed the AGM.
From: Transition Cambridge 03 Nov 2017

New hosting for Transition Cambridge

We apologise profusely to any of you who tried to access the website yesterday and failed. Our hosting switch did not go smoothly! (This was not in any way the fault of our new hosts, Mythic Beasts Ltd, but was due to me trying to do too many things at the same time.)

You should now be able to access the site using https.

If there is a problem please get in touch with us at the usual address which is transitioncambridge (at)
From: Nicola 22 Jul 2017

Repair Cafe video

Have you ever wondered why repair cafes are a good idea? Find our by watching this short film Channel 4 made at the Fulbourn Repair Cafe.

It explains why fixing stuff is good for the planet and good for us too. Plus learning how to fix things is interesting and empowering.
From: Ms 31 May 2017

Meeting venue - can you help?

The national Transition Town network have a plan to revive the Transition East Anglia network to help and support individual Transition Town groups across our region. A workshop is planned for Sunday 7th May 10am - 4pm and we hope to hold the event in Cambridge. We're actively seeking a suitable low or no cost venue, could you offer a space in your home/office for this? It would be for between 8 and 20 people. If you think you can help, please contact Jacky. Thanks for reading!
17 Apr 2017

'One year in Transition' programme - applications now open

Now in its fourth year, One Year in Transition (1YT) is a challenging, contemporary, hope-filled programme for people (over 20) who want to make change happen. Over four week-long meet-ups and eleven months of support in between you will evolve your future income-generating livelihood.

One Year in Transition (1YT) is now in its fourth year and gets better all the time with input from students. The programme is designed to equip young adults with the tools needed to create (and flourish in) a low-carbon future that sustains ourselves, our communities and life on Earth. The programme is low cost, flexible and fun. The next course runs from September 2017 - July 2018. There are spaces for up to 16 participants with an interview process via Skype.

Applications for 2017-18 close at the end of July 2017. More...
07 Apr 2017

Transition Survey - You did it!

A huge thank you to everyone who filled in our Community Members' Online Survey over the last 3 weeks, we had over 100 responses and have discovered some illuminating information about why you are attracted to Transition Cambridge and what activities and interests you'd most like to engage with. Our Student SIP Team put in a phenomenal amount of work and have produced a very useful and worthwhile report, as well as some great suggestions for helping us to build on the successes and achievements of the last few years. Stay tuned for more on this in the coming months! We also have a lucky £20 winner, who has been contacted, and hope to formally announce this in due course. Thanks again, and hope to see you at one of our gatherings soon!
20 Mar 2017

Reasons to be Optimistic

Nicola points out good news in the media (Picture by Yasmine Rix)

Nicola Terry gave a short talk as part of the Optimistic Show and Tell event at the Science Festival. Her talk was based on the blog post here and it was about the fact that even though the media tends to bury it there really are good news stories around about climate change, and people doing good things - with examples from Cambridge. The other talks at the event were enormously diverse and covered a wide range of topics including the various sort of beans are being growing locally for humans to eat (not just cattle food), the power of crowd source science in conservation programs and the extraordinary number of species you can find even in an urban garden. There are lots of reasons to be optimistic!
20 Mar 2017

Transition Cambridge Community Survey

Please spare a few minutes to fill in this survey about you and what you think of our activities. It doesn't take long!

This survey has been devised by a team of 5 Cambridge University students as part of a project to help us broaden our reach and engage more people. So whether you are a seasoned member, or have been to a few events, or just get our newsletter but haven't actually met us yet, we would like to understand more about you and what you think we should be doing.

You will also have a chance to win £20 in a prize draw on 17th March - open to everyone who is signed up to our newsletter and completes a survey.
From: Nicola Terry 20 Feb 2017

Romsey Community Garden needs a new coordinator

Romsey Community Garden is a small haven in the midst of Romsey Town. In the summer it's full of flowers and vegetables, grown with the help of local residents and their children. In the winter it's a bit quieter, but there's still a bench looking out over the garden where people can come to rest and watch the world go by. The coordinator, Sarah, has just moved further out of town, and so it's time to find a new coordinator to help shape the garden over the next year or two. So far, we've focused on fruit trees and bushes, vegetables, and flowers, while maintaining a grassy area in the middle for picnics and bonfires. Where possible, we've tried to follow permaculture principles. And there is a dedicated team of locals who do their best to keep everything looking nice. If you might be interested in taking this on, please contact Sarah for a chat. Coordination is not a big job, it involves agreeing dates for garden days and coming up with a list of tasks that needs undertaking. Sometimes it involves picking up materials, such as seeds, from the garden centre. The garden days are always fun! You can read a bit more about the garden here.
17 Feb 2017

Can You Spare a Few Minutes for our Membership Survey?

We want to run enjoyable and effective meetings and activities, which is why we're running this survey to find out what our community wants from Transition. We'd really love to have your help, particularly if you've been reading the bulletin for a while but haven't made it to any events or activities - or if you've only come to one or two. The survey will be short and your answers anonymous and confidential. It should take just a few minutes to complete and you might even win £20 if you leave your email address at the end! Your opinion and experience matters - please join in!
06 Mar 2017

Students Social Innovation Project

Over the next few weeks (up until mid March) you might bump into some Cambridge University students asking you to take part in a survey, or wanting a chat about your involvement with Transition Cambridge or to help them in some other way. We have asked them to do this and we hope you will help them if you can. The project is part of the Cambridge Hub Social Innovation Program and it is to our benefit too. More...
03 Feb 2017

Pivotal Festival Video

James has made a beautiful video of the Pivotal Festival of Environment, Community and Technology last November. Watch it and reminisce or wish you had been there!
24 Jan 2017

Adopt a Growing Space

We need gardeners to adopt some of our growing spaces! If you think you will have time to adopt one growing space this year, please have a look at our map. Perhaps there is one close to you, just waiting for you!

Growing Spaces aims to reclaim unloved and underused public spaces around the city of Cambridge and transform them using edible landscaping.
22 Jan 2017

Thanks to Lush for Best Charity Pot ever.

On the weekend before Christmas Lush, the handmade cosmetics company, invited Transition Cambridge to come into the stall and raise money through their charity pot scheme. It was a huge success raising £446, a record amount for the Cambridge stall. We wish to say a big thank you to Lush (especially Rose Williamson who personally invited us and gave excellent advice) and to all to all the people who bought charity pots for us. We hope you took away our leaflet and come back to the website to see if there are other ways you would like to get involved. Some of the money raised will probably go to CropShare for their lay down weeder project and the rest will go into our general fund for core spending, awareness raising, venue hire for events and other equipment. See here for Jacky's blog post last year on how we raise funds and spend them.
From: Nicola 19 Jan 2017

Your Bulletin goes fortnightly from Today

After eight and a half years of sending this bulletin out weekly, we agreed on Monday at the Hub meeting to turn it into a fortnightly newsletter with immediate effect. We hope this will give some much needed breathing space to our team and also create an incentive for new editors to join us in due course. Our next bulletin will appear the week beginning 6th February. If you have items and news to share please submit as usual with a bit more advance notice! However, moderators and editors will still check bulletin submissions, which will appear on the Transition Cambridge news and events webpages once approved for publication. (See the News and Events tab on the home page) So please do check in there for all the latest news updates between Bulletin mailings. If resources and energy permit, the Bulletin could return to weekly later this year.

 Please contact Anna. if you'd like to join the team.
25 Jan 2017

Repair Cafes spreading across Cambridgeshire!

Tune in tomorrow (Thursday) to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire to hear Chris Moller (Cottenham and Cambs Repair Caf├ęs) and Nicole Barton (CCF) talking Repair Cafes with Jeremy Sallis 12.15-12.45pm. There are several more Repair Cafes coming up in the Cambridge area (including Shelford, Histon and Sawston), and these are all listed on the Circular Cambridge web-site here. Plus tonight (25 Jan) there's a social event for repairers, to share skills and find out more about how to join the cafes as a repairer (more info here). The evening will have focus on the more technical and electronic/electrical aspects of repairs rather than sewing, bike and cycle repairs.
25 Jan 2017

Empty Common Community Garden Blog Post

As it's Christmas, here's a seasonal blog post from ECCG volunteer and blogger, Simone Castello. Enjoy!
19 Dec 2016

What happened at our AGM: views, news and ideas ( with cake)

A big thank you to everyone who came to our AGM last Monday, where we heard from some of our members about what they love about their involvement with Transition Cambridge. We did some creative idea sharing, where we thought about possible next steps we could take as a community. The appetite for practical and hands on is strong, with suggestions for a new Community Garden north of the river, more repair cafes aimed at the elderly, and news of a project to create a contemplation garden in the city over the coming months. Collaboration and dialogue with other organisational bodies such as the city council was also a strong theme, around issues that affect us all from the City Deal to moving towards a zero carbon city council. We look forward to bringing you more news of these and other ideas in the coming months!
08 Oct 2016

Annual Report Published

Hi all. We have published our annual report for 2015/2016. It is amazing what we have achieved in the year - do have a read. Download it here We do apologise for the large size of the file. (13 Mb).
From: Ms 07 Oct 2016

Borrow a veggie garden - CB4 area

Back in the early days of the Transition Cambridge Food Group we ran a Garden Share scheme, that matched would-be growers with under-used gardens. We have recently heard from one of these partnerships in the CB4 Arbury area that a well-tended veggie plot is in need of a new gardener. If you're interested in taking this over in 2017 to grow your own in return for light gardening duties and you live in the area, please contact Jacky to discuss.
12 Sep 2016

Fruit Harvest Season: Spreading the Fruit Love!

Plums apples, pears, quince, walnuts... the main fruit harvest season is almost here, so it's time for another reminder of Transition resources for harvesters. We have an Apple Press and Scratter available for members to borrow, Full details here: Did you know you can advertise your fruity excess crops on the TC Facebook page? here:
20 Sep 2016

How to keep cool in summer - Energy group fact sheet

The energy group has a new fact sheet on keeping cool in summer Given the weather this is quite timely.
From: Qeng Ho Ltd. 17 Jul 2016

Embodied energy and Circular economy info

What do you know about embodied energy in stuff - the energy used to make stuff, not just the energy when we use it? Also, what can we do to make sure that we re-use stuff rather than building from scratch and raw materials each time? The energy group have discussed these topics recently. Read what we have learnt on NIcola's website: embodied energy and circular economy.
From: Energy group 20 Jun 2016

Rain garden installed in Romsey

After the heavy rain last week, asking questions and finding solutions to future climate change is on all our minds...

The new Transition Cambridge group 'Learning to Stay Dry' has installed a down spout rain garden to improve the local environment around Romsey Mill. Here's a photo.

A rain garden reduces surface water flooding by collecting the water off roofs and slowing the water flows, prior to dispersing the remaining water that has not evaporated or been used by the plants. You can read about other sustainable drainage techniques on the blog here and more info about the group here. And if this feature has inspired you, do get in touch to see where the next down spout rain garden will be installed.

This rain garden will be at Romsey Mill (on the corner of Hemingford Road and Mill Road, CB1 3BZ) till June 14th, as it's part of Chelsea Fringe.
06 Jun 2016

EU Referendum Conversation Cafe - shout-out for helpers!

We're looking for a few willing volunteers to make sure the cafe conversation runs smoothly - are you free? We need a couple of tea and cake helpers to assist people with the refreshments in the break and clear up afterwards; and a couple of people who'd like to act as facilitators for the discussion part of the event. There's a free training session for facilitation skills on Monday 6th June and there'll be other experienced facilitators alongside you. Please email Elena Moses if you can help, thanks!
23 May 2016

Experiments in Democracy - video and notes

Thanks to everyone who came to the two Experiments in Democracy events over the past couple of weeks! If you missed them, you can see the videos that Antony Carpen made during the speaker event, and here are the notes from the follow-up open space session. If you're interested in standing as an independent candidate in the forthcoming local elections, Marie-Louise Holland has offered to provide advice (she is currently the independent councillor for Castle Ward). And we hope that some of the other ideas that were discussed will also get taken forward!
14 Mar 2016

Volunteering opportunities with Transition Cambridge

We had a great day at the Volunteer for Cambridge Fair on Saturday, and we made a sheet of current volunteering opportunities with Transition Cambridge - so if you'd like to get more involved, have a look through and see if anything appeals! New ideas are also always welcome...
01 Feb 2016

CropShare 2016 Farm day dates announced

We have now announced the dates when you can come and join us on the farm in 2016, getting stuck into all sorts of jobs needed to help run a 65 acre organic veg and fruit farm. Check out this link for more info and hope to see you on the farm soon! More...
27 Jan 2016

Win a Transition T-shirt!

We have some of the original Transition Cambridge T-shirts to give away - there are various colours and sizes, with text reading "Changing because we want to, before we have to". All you have to do to win one is to send in your favourite photos of Transition activities or events from the last couple of years. (If they're too big to send by e-mail, get in touch and we can give you dropbox details or we can arrange an exchange by memory stick.) Even if you don't really want a T-shirt, we'd still love to receive your photos as they are the best way of documenting what we've been up to in Transition this last while, and they can inspire others to get involved. Send photos to Thanks!
25 Jan 2016

Learning to Stay Dry - Field trip to visit London projects

Following the February launch of the new "Learning to Stay Dry" Transition group, we hope to organise a field trip in spring/summer for interested people to visit solutions implemented in London. This will be a chance to meet with other local groups and to learn about their successes and failures. If you are interested in coming along, please get in touch with Dawn and she will coordinate dates.
20 May 2016

Seedy Sunday poster and prizes needed for tombola

Our Seedy Sunday seed swap is coming up fast on 24 January and we now have a lovely poster. If you could send this poster round to anyone you know who might be interested, or print it out and display it where you think is suitable, we would be very grateful! Also we are appealing for small donations to the Tombola that day: unwanted gifts, garden produce, or whatever you can manage will be gratefully received. You can either bring it along to the Transition Food Group meeting on Tuesday 12 Jan at CB2 at 6.30pm in CB2 cafe (Norfolk Street, upstairs) or let Sue know and bring it along on the day. Thanks for your help, and hope you can make it along!
05 Jan 2016

Cambridge Climate Message needs your signature

James Smith has written a message from Cambridge residents to the Paris COP delegates asking for an 'ambitious and fair' agreement to mitigate the threat of climate change. Transition Cambridge has signed it already but please add your signature and ask your friends and organisations that you deal with to sign it to.

By the way there are lots of events that you can take part in to show your passion for this hugely important debate, starting with What is the climate summit about on Saturday 28th Nov. More...
20 Nov 2015

Cafe night ideas wanted!

If you have an idea for an event/film/talk as part of the Transition Cafe night series, then please get in touch! All topics are welcome providing they relate to local sustainability/Transition themes. Cafe nights are an essential part of what we do as Transition Cambridge, as they allow us to cover topics not covered by existing Transition groups, and to welcome newcomers. We'd also welcome one or two more cafe organizers (approx once/twice a month) - it's a great way to meet new people and get experience of organising small events. Let us know if you'd like to help!
02 Nov 2015

Minutes of Transition Cambridge's Annual General Meeting

The minutes of our Annual General Meeting are now available online here. They include our annual accounts and some interesting ideas that were generated during the brainstorming part of the AGM. If you have any questions or corrections, please get in touch.
27 Oct 2015

Love plants and urban spaces? Want to learn how to blog?

The Growing Spaces project is looking for additional blog writers for our website. You will get trained on how to use wordpress and on your options of writing styles, then simply drop by a space or event once a month and share. You are also welcome to write on gardening topics of your choice. If interested or if you would like more information, contact
21 Sep 2015

Transition Blog: Running a Repair Cafe, with Chris Moller

Here's our latest post on the Transition Media Blog, with Nicola Terry interviewing Chris Moller about how to run Repair Cafes, and how he learnt to fix things. Did you know that hairdryers can cost as little as 20p to fix, and that toasters can likewise often be fixed for next to no cost? Read on for inspiring stories of things that he's fixed...
29 Jul 2015

Next "Introduction to Permaculture" course in November

The Permaculture Group are starting to think about organising another "Introduction to Permaculture" weekend course in Cambridge, probably in November. We'd like to get an idea of the level of interest, so please let us know if you'd like to take part. We'd also love to hear from you if you might be able to help organise the course. Permaculture approaches aim to support the creation of sustainable, agriculturally productive, non-polluting and healthy settlements, by combining an ethical framework, an understanding of how nature works, and a design approach. Read more about Permaculture here.
20 Jul 2015

July Transition Network Newsletter

Here's this month's Transition Network Newsletter, including the Transitioners' Digest of the REconomy theme, a new job offer (Transition Network Communications Coordinator), and an update on the September Transition Network Conference (conference programme now available here.
06 Jul 2015

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