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(TC) means this is news about Transition Cambridge.

River Cam CAN Project launched

Cambridge Past, Present & Future are delighted to announce the start of a new project to help nature and climate in Cambridge thanks to a £495,000 grant award from The National Lottery Community Fund's Climate Action Fund. The River Cam CAN (Climate Action through Nature) Project will support communities near the river to work on initiatives that will benefit them and the environment. More...
Source: Cambridge Past, Present & Future 21 Sep 2023

Job vacancies with River Cam project - closing dates early October

The River Cam CAN (Climate Action through Nature) Project will support communities near the river to work on initiatives that will benefit them and the environment. It's a new 2-year project to help nature and climate in Cambridge funded by a £495,000 grant award from The National Lottery Community Fund's Climate Action Fund. It aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by the River Cam and inspire and support people to take action to help. The project will be delivered by a partnership of local organisations including Abbey People, Cambridge City Council, Cambridge Past, Present & Future, CoFarm and Water Sensitive Cambridge. They will be supported by the national charity Climate Outreach. More info about the project here. Details of the Project Officer role (full-time) with Cambridge Nature Network are here, and details of roles with Abbey People - Sustainability and Greenspaces Coordinator (full-time) and Programme Manager (part-time) are here. More...
Source: Cambridge Nature Network/PPF 18 Sep 2023

Job: Veg and Fruit Quality Control Packer - Haslingfield

Farmaround is hiring! If you are passionate about fresh fruit and organic veg, and enjoy working in a dynamic and energetic environment, this job might be just what you want. At Farmaround, we are currently looking for a veg/fruit quality control packer to join our established team. You will play a vital role in ensuring that only the finest and highest quality produced reaches our valued customers. The work will keep you physically active and you will learn about various kinds of fruit and veg, their unique qualities and best ways to preserve their freshness. The job is 3 days a week (Tues, Wed, Thurs, sometimes on Mondays), from 2pm until 8-10pm depending on the day. The salary is £10.50 per hour, and the location is Haslingfield, start date as soon as possible. Interested? Send your CV to Alina. If you know someone who would be interested, please share! More information about Farmaround Organic. More...
Source: Farmaround 11 Sep 2023

Vote Climate

Maximise your vote to save the planet. Do you want the government to take real action on climate change? There is hope. By voting together as a block we can make that happen. "Vote Climate" ( has been set up by local activist Ben Horton to incentivise the mainstream parties to improve their climate policies. He writes: "When you join VoteClimate, we'll tell you at the next general election which of the parties that could win in your area has the best climate policy. We take the membership list to the political parties before the next general election so that the parties will see how many votes and seats they will gain/lose based on their manifesto climate policies." On the website, tell them which constituency you're in, agree to be contacted before the next general election, then switch your vote to a party with a better climate policy. Find out more here. You can also like/follow VoteClimate on social media, and please tell your friends. And there are lots of ways to get involved - read more here. More...
Source: Vote Climate 05 Sep 2023

Climate Majority Project

Most people sense that we're in deep trouble with climate change, and they want to do something. Welcome to the climate majority. The Climate Majority Project is working to accelerate citizen climate action towards system change, and help a mass movement to see its own power. In particular, we support promising initiatives organising citizen action in local communities, workplaces and professions. The Incubator helps them to grow, connect with funding and build their networks. Find out more here, and donate to the crowdfunder here. More...
Source: The Climate Majority Project 05 Sep 2023

Bathing Water Designation at Sheep's Green

Bathing at Sheep

Cam Valley Forum plans to apply for a Bathing Water Designation for a 270m stretch of the River Cam at Sheep's Green to improve the water quality for those who swim there. Designated Bathing Waters are the only places in the UK where the Environment Agency monitors bacteria levels in open water every week, and the data is published. Learn more about what designation means and participate in our consultation. More...
Source: Cam Valley Forum 25 Aug 2023

Empty Common Community Garden - Video of new shed

Charlotte and the Empty Common Community Garden team have made a wonderful video showing how their beautiful new hut came into being, and demonstrating some of its features. Watch it here. And do come along to our summer picnic there on Sunday 25th June, or to one of our regular garden mornings on Sundays, to see the new hut for yourself. More...
Source: Transition Cambridge 30 May 2023

Help save "Daily Bread Cooperative"

Daily Bread Cooperative Cambridge are an award winning vegetarian wholefood shop, providing ethically-sourced products at a fair price. They offer a wide variety of items including as many locally-supplied, organic, gluten-free, and vegan products as possible. For several years now we have worked with them to create and look after the raised beds at the front of the shop, where we grow herbs and vegetables that everyone can help themselves to. So we were very sad to hear that Daily Bread are struggling and may not be able to continue - see this Cambridge News article: "Award-winning Cambridge food shop faces closure as it issues 'use us or lose us' plea". The only way they will survive is if we all shop there as much as we can. So please consider them when planning your shopping, and encourage family and friends to do the same. Address/map here. Thanks! More...
Source: Daily Bread Cooperative Cambridge 30 May 2023

Six Inches of Soil Film - Crowdfunder extended please donate!

"Six Inches of Soil" is the inspiring story of British farmers standing up against the industrial food system and transforming the way they produce food - to heal the soil, benefit our health and provide for local communities. Help us complete the first major documentary feature film about the regenerative farming revolution in Britain. Our crowdfunder is here: All donations very welcome. Find out more about the project here. UPDATE: The crowdfunder has been extended and donations are currently receiving matched funding, so please donate soon if you'd like to! More...
Source: Six Inches of Soil 15 May 2023

Daily Bread Raised Beds update

The growing season has started and the Transition Cambridge raised beds outside the Daily Bread Wholefood warehouse on Kilmaine Close (CB4 2PH) are looking beautiful with spring bulbs. The spinach, broad beans, onions and garlic that have overwintered are all growing on well and the beds had their Spring mulching yesterday. We're hoping to grow abundant free vegetables and herbs again for Daily Bread customers to help themselves this summer. Come along and take a look! More...
Source: Transition Cambridge 04 Apr 2023

21st -24th April - Unite to Decide and Earth Day

On April 21st after 100 days of building alliances across groups concerned about climate change there are planned to be 100,000 people outside the Houses of Parliament to ask the Government to end new fossil fuel licensing and funding, halt biodiversity loss, achieve net zero by 2025 and set up Citizens Assememblies to decide on how to do this.

This legal action,'The Big One', will be one of the largest pro-environmental collective actions in UK history. Environmental groups led by Extinction Rebellion - in their new mode of doing only legal, non-blocking action -will be there.

Could you - and maybe a group you are in - be part of the physical presence outside Parliament? Everyone is needed for this legal peaceful demonstration on April 21st and through the following three days too: come on the 21st and then when you can! Saturday April 22nd is Earth Day with an enormous colourful family friendly procession for biodiversity.

To find out more and sign up? link is below. More...
Source: x r cambridge 04 Apr 2023

Join the CCF Team - Vacancy for Home Energy Officer

Cambridge Carbon Footprint (CCF) is seeking a motivated and experienced Home Energy Officer to join our team. The Home Energy Officer is a new role for us, and will work to promote energy efficiency and carbon reduction by delivering events, projects and support to households in the Cambridge area.

We are looking for someone who is motivated, enthusiastic, and has a knowledge of energy efficiency measures, domestic renewables, low-carbon heating and strong communication and organisational skills.

This is a part-time role, 22.5 hours per week (60% FTE), £24,560 pro rata.

This is a unique opportunity to join a friendly team working on a project that will respond to the high levels of public interest in climate change and carbon reduction in a meaningful way.

The deadline for applications is 9am 16th March. To find out more and apply download the job information pack on the CCF website. More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint 24 Feb 2023

Volunteering with Transition Cambridge

We are looking for help with a few things at the moment, including gardening (various opportunities depending which community garden you live nearest to), graphic design (we'd like to make some nice posters to advertise our events), keeping the events part of the TC website up-to-date, running cafe or pub nights, and creating our fortnightly newsletter. We're also open to whatever you might like to bring or do. Please get in touch if you'd like to get involved! Contact Anna here.
Source: Transition Cambridge 22 Feb 2023

New community garden seeks gardeners (in middle of town)

A new miniature community garden is being created, right near the middle of town, and we're looking for a few people to help look after it. This will probably involve going along regularly to weed and water and just to check everything is OK. If you'd like to be part of this, please get in touch with Anna. More details coming soon...
Source: Transition Cambridge 22 Feb 2023

Retrofitting your home - new guide for Cambridge published

Cambridge City Council has published a new guide to retrofitting your home to reduce energy use, bills and carbon emissions. There are no- and low-cost measures, and DIY as well as advice on a 'deep' retrofit. It's customised for Cambridge - it features the 7 commonest house types. There are FAQ's, and a jargon-busting section, as well as a section for renters and an outline of financial support available.

The energy group agrees that the advice in this report is excellent - do read it! However, the 'typical costs' are higher than we would expect in many cases. This is partly because the guide is written with a very ambitious goal of net zero emissions in mind so thicker insulation and more stringent air tightness than is usual.

Also, don't forget that Cambridge Carbon Footprint's Open Eco Homes website features videos from homeowners about their retrofit journeys and case studies as well as expert talks on relevant topics. Find all that here. More...
Source: Cambridge City Council 06 Jan 2023

GCP Making Connections consultation ends 23rd Dec.

Cambridge has a problem with traffic congestion and it can only get worse as the population of the area grows. To reduce the volume of traffic the GCP has plans for better, more affordable buses and improved active travel networks, supported by a charge to enter the Cambridge Sustainable Travel Zone with a car or other motor vehicle. Whether you support this or not, please do respond to the consultation You have until 23rd December.

Transition Cambridge supported the plans at the march on December 10th organised by Cambridge Parents for the Sustainable Travel Zone. Carbon Neutral Cambridge explains the plans briefly here. Cambridge Cycling Campaign also urges you to respond; they have prepared a guide to how to respond with sensible suggestions for improvements.

No system will ever be perfect but something has to be done. These plans are the best that we have seen so far and there is plenty of time for improvement if we make our views known now.
Source: Transition Cambridge 12 Dec 2022

Used Triobike Taxi (tricycle) wooden seat/front box for sale - £100 or offers

This is a used passenger front seat from a tricycle (for two adults, sitting side-by-side). Our Triobike is used as an eco-taxi to give care home residents therapeutic rides around our village.

This original seat box was replaced under warranty after the glue holding the sides together started to fail - resolvable with a clean-up and re-glue, but our supplier went for a full replacement! Rather than throw the original away, we hope we can encourage an eco-minded person to repurpose it.. If you can't see a use for it, mention it to your friends, perhaps?

This box (pictures here) might suit as a front box for a homebuild project, or be repurposed for something entirely different.. garden swing, anyone?! Wooden ply frame/metal subframe spanning the front axle of a trike. Hinged cubby hole under seat, and removable foot panel. Metal side rail. Seat belts available if required.

Any proceeds will go to our village charity to help keep our Triobike taxi running. Collection only, from Histon. Contact me here.
Source: Nigel Searle 21 Nov 2022

Job vacancy with Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Cambridge Carbon Footprint are looking for an experienced community organiser to join the team to help to deliver Net Zero Now (NZN). The NZN project supports climate action by building capacity in local community groups to support people to reduce their carbon emissions. NZN was successfully piloted in South Cambridgeshire in 2020/1, training up climate leaders in 12 villages in South Cambridgeshire. This role is a fantastic opportunity to extend and develop the programme and have a positive impact on the resilience and sustainability of local communities. If you have experience in running community initiatives, have excellent communication skills, have good knowledge of climate change and local carbon reduction strategies and are able to plan and deliver projects and events please get in touch. More info on the role, and link to the application form here. More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint 22 Oct 2022

Small growing space needing gardener

We have been contacted about looking after a very small growing space (mostly pots) near the Milton Road/Highworth Avenue roundabout. The area is frequented by elderly people who aren't very mobile and would enjoy seeing some thriving plants. If you are a keen gardener and live near there, please get in touch - thanks!
Source: Transition Cambridge 04 Oct 2022

Volunteering: Help with social media needed over next few weeks

The Cambridge Resilience Web is continuing to grow and develop, and we'd love to use social media to let the new students know about it so they can get involved in local environmental/ethical groups. Social media is probably the best way to reach them, so if you're quite savvy with using social media to promote things, we'd love to hear from you. We'd like to use instagram, twitter and facebook to shout about the wonders of the webs. If you haven't already seen them, take a look, they're pretty amazing! The university web is here and the city web is here - click on map view to see all the local groups as a web. If you could help with this, please email Anna here. Thanks!
Source: Cambridge Resilience Web 19 Sep 2022

Eco Eats Recipe Book (produced by Sustainable Cottenham)

The new Eco Eats Recipe Book is an essential guide to simple and delicious ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your diet. The booklet brings together tried and tested recipes for family meals to inspire and help you increase the proportion of vegetarian and vegan meals in your weekly menu collection. You can do this because they are tasty, easy and economical or because you want to reduce your greenhouse-gas emissions - or both! All recipes are vegetarian and some are vegan or easily made vegan. They were recommended by Cottenham residents, chefs and their families and generally use ingredients that can be easily purchased in Cottenham, in our excellent local shops including Wards greengrocer and the Co-op. Many recipes are good for using up seasonal gluts (courgettes, tomatoes) or food that needs using up (ripe bananas). If you would like a copy (cost £2.50) please email Chris from Sustainable Cottenham. More...
Source: Sustainable Cottenham 19 Sep 2022

Energy saving survey

In this time of energy shortage it is very important that we all reduce energy consumption - even if we can afford to carry on as usual. This is because wholesale gas and oil prices will keep rising until enough people reduce demand that the supply is sufficient. Reducing demand helps keep prices low for everyone. With this in mind please fill in our short survey about what you are doing to save energy at home - both gas and electricity. It may give you some ideas and you can give us your favourite tips! We will collate the responses and report via the blog. More...
Source: Transition Cambridge Energy Group 04 Sep 2022

Questionnaire on e-scooters in Cambridge for research

Jo Fisher is conducting research into the contribution of Voi e-scooters in Cambridge to sustainable urban transport in the city. She hopes her research will help inform future sustainable urban transport policy and evolve the current local transport plan under the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority. She is conducting a questionnaire aimed at Cambridge residents asking about their travel preferences and perceptions in the city, which can be completed here: (closes on 26 July). She would greatly appreciate if you could fill in the questionnaire with your views. Thanks!
Source: Jo Fisher 04 Jul 2022

Repair Cafes spread out across Cambs!

Great news for people looking to fix their stuff from helpful experts who will do it and even better, show you how to do it! Six Repair Cafes are organised between now and the end of July in Cambridgeshire, including three new venues in Swavesey (June 25th) Whittlesford (July 30th) and the Edge Cafe in Cambridge (July 9th). Look under 'Events' tab on Cambridge Carbon Footprint website for dates, venues and how to book (see link below). More details to follow... More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint 24 May 2022

Donations needed to support future Repair Cafes - 24 hours left!

There has been a surge of interest in Repair Cafes - amazingly, there are 9 Repair Cafes scheduled between now and the end of July, incluing four new ones in Willingham, Swavesey, K1 and at The Edge Cafe. There are also at least 6 more groups hoping to start up this year. In order to support the development of Repair Cafes we need to attract more volunteer repairers, run more training workshops and develop support packages for organisers. To achieve this, Cambridge Carbon Footprint hope to take on a part-time person for 1.5 days a week, for one year which will cost £10,000. CCF have been accepted for £5k match funding from the Green Match Fund, which means that all donations made during the week of 22 - 29 April will be matched from the Big Green Match Fund, up to £5k, providing £10k if £5k is donated. So we would be very grateful if you'd like to make a donation via the Big Give website before 12pm Friday 29 April. Thank you! More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint and Transition Cambridge 27 Apr 2022

Volunteer with TC! Help keep our website and social media up-to-date

We're looking for some help updating our website and running our social media - if you could help with either or both of these, we'd love to hear from you! Please email Anna for more info.
Source: Transition Cambridge 27 Apr 2022

Green New Deal Rising - funded training

The Green New Deal Rising Leadership Programme is a fully funded 6-month training programme for 40 people aged 18-30 from 10 places around the UK. The Programme will build skills and leadership, and help to kickstart Green New Deal campaigning in your community. It's free, fully funded, and designed to fit around work and other commitments. Apply by 18 April. More...
Source: Green New Deal Rising 12 Apr 2022

Cambridge Resilience Web - Recording of Pecha Kucha event

Last Thursday (24th March) Cambridge Resilience Web ran their first Pecha Kucha event showcasing some of the local groups featured in the resilience web, and you can watch a recording of the event here. The event featured five groups: Cambridge Cycling Campaign, Cambridge Community Kitchen, Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination, Resettle Chesterton and Six Inches of Soil. It was a very varied line-up, with topics ranging from refugees to soil, community kitchens to safer cycling, and how to help children connect with their creativity and imagination. So do watch it if you'd like to find out more about any of these groups, or to know more about the Cambridge Resilience Webs.
Source: Cambridge Resilience Web 28 Mar 2022

Join the Cambridge Carbon Footprint Team

Cambridge Carbon Footprint are looking for a Part-Time Operational Support Officer to join their growing team. The role will be varied, helping to deliver their program of carbon reduction events, keep their comms fresh, and stay on top of admin. They're looking for someone highly organised, IT savvy, and happy to muck in and help set up and pack down at events. CCF are a small friendly team, pleased to offer a flexible working environment. Applications and interviews will be taken on a rolling basis until the post is filled, so apply soon if you're interested!

Full role description and details on how to apply at More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint 05 Mar 2022

Job Opportunity: Food and Climate Programme Manager

Cambridge Sustainable Food is seeking a creative, dedicated and experienced communicator who is able to lead, deliver and develop our climate programme as we seek to be a national gold standard city. This is an exciting opportunity to join the CSF team and to make a real difference to climate change through raising awareness, running events and campaigns and in making a major contribution to Cambridge becoming a truly sustainable food city.

You will have a varied and exciting workload, working closely with colleagues, CSF's senior management, the CSF partnership board and project partners. You will lead our Climate and Food programme and join our vibrant and committed team, who are passionate about a sustainable and fair food system. We have limited resources but a 'can do attitude' and we invite you to have the same.

Working hours: 3 days per week (flexible)

Salary: £32,000 per year (pro rata)

Closing date for applications: Sunday Feb 13th, 5pm More...
Source: Cambridge Sustainable FOOD 30 Jan 2022


5asideCHESS is a Social Enterprise in Cambridge. We are working hard to reduce social isolation and loneliness within our communities and as part of our outreach work to support entrepreneurs in 2022 have launched the CrossROADS project. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to set up their own artisan business by removing the barriers that can often prevent them doing so. We have the premises in Oakington, a team of mentors and can provide start-up costs. We do not require any shares in the business but do expect the entrepreneurs to be self-sufficient within a 6-12 month period and would hope when so they would make themselves available as mentors for the next CrossROADS intake. To find out more, contact Sally Field and have a look at the 5asidechess website here:
Source: 5asideCHESS 19 Jan 2022

And the winner of our Christmas Quiz is...

Congratulations to several members of our very own Energy Group, who put in a group entry to our Christmas Quiz/Treasure Hunt and won! The answers are here. The answers are now available - take a look to find out what the various Transition Cambridge groups got up to last year... And a big thank you to Waterland Organics who donated the prize, a lovely box of local seasonal organic vegetables. More...
Source: Transition Cambridge 02 Jan 2022

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