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Next meeting: Thursday 18th April: taking the next step (online) Some of us have now converted to low carbon heating but not all. What can we do to help others along the zero carbon path? Different people are stuck in different ways - think about members of your friends and family (maybe yourself): what are their motivation and barriers, what should be their next step and what would trigger them into taking it? What role can TC take in all this? All welcome. Please ask Nicola for the zoom link.

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Updated advice on Windows

The advice page on windows now has lots more suggestions for sash windows and advice on vacuum glazing as well as double/triple glazing.

Are you heat pump ready?

New advice on how to decide if your home is 'efficient enough' to install a heat pump.


Energy advice pages

See here for advice on saving energy, energy efficient heating and generating renewable energy at home.

Help Wanted

Please email us if you would like to help or contribute your ideas, whether or not you can come to meetings.

At the moment we are particularly looking for assistance with:

  • Authoring FAQ pages and fact sheets, both writing the answers and writing the questions so you don't have to be an expert to help. Some ideas for more:, heritage buildings ...

By the way, Nicola's thermographic pictures of houses in Cambridge are still here.

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