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Next meeting: Thursday 16th Nov: Grid infrastructure (online) With increasing demand from the grid for heating and charging EVs, we need to upgrade our infrastructure. Is this happening fast enough? Is this likely to be a limiting factor on the road to Net Zero? What is the likely impact on electricity prices? Please ask Nicola for the zoom link.

After that: Monday 11th December, party time (in person at Margaret's house) An informal meeting this time. Come and meet fellow members and share your hopes and plans for the year to come. Please bring drinks and snacks to share (finger food only). I am fairly sure there will be mulled wine available. Ask Nicola for the address (Oxford Road).

Latest News and events

Working with contractors

We have a new advice page, synthesised from the collective wisdom of everyone who came to our meeting to discuss the issues. How should you find contractors, and check if they are qualified? Do you need a project manager? Have you done enough homework? For answers to these and more see Working with contractors.

Energy cost comparisons

How much do you save from switching off your mobile phone charger versus having a shower instead of a bath? Check out our spreadsheet comparing costs for cooking, washing, watching TV, heating a bath or a shower etc. Download it and customise with your own appliance data and energy prices. Downloadable spreadsheet here.

Energy saving survey

In this time of energy shortage it is very important that we all reduce energy consumption - even if we can afford to carry on as usual. This is because wholesale gas and oil prices will keep rising until enough people reduce demand that the supply is sufficient. There is even talk of power cuts fro lack of gas this winter! Our survey asked you what you were doing to save energy and for your favour tips. Results here.

New - Guide to getting an air source heat pump

For most homes, an air source heat pump is the best way to getting off gas but converting your central heating system from a boiler to a heat pump is not a totally trivial exercise. Building on experiences from the energy group members, this guide explains how to set about it with a minimum of jargon.

New personalised advice tool

The energy group have a completely new energy advice tool which you can use to get ideas for improving your home. The suggestions update dynamically according to your aims (indoor air quality, keeping warm, reducing bills, carbon emissions, keeping cooling in summer) and what you already have in your home. Please do try it out.

Energy advice pages

See here for advice on saving energy, energy efficient heating and generating renewable energy at home.

Help Wanted

Please email us if you would like to help or contribute your ideas, whether or not you can come to meetings.

At the moment we are particularly looking for assistance with:

  • Authoring FAQ pages and fact sheets, both writing the answers and writing the questions so you don't have to be an expert to help. Some ideas for more:, heritage buildings ...

By the way, Nicola's thermographic pictures of houses in Cambridge are still here.

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