Useful resources we've created

You are welcome to download these and print them out, or to link to them from your own web-page!

The Energy Group's Frequently Asked Question series is highly recommended (these are by far the most popular pages on this web-site!)

Some resources put together by David Dixon on How we can make a positive impact on the environment.

Here are some great posters on sustainable food, created by the Cambridge Sustainable Food Alliance.

Some "Gifts that don't cost the Earth" put together by Martin and the food group a couple of years ago and updated since (let us know if you have more ideas or if you find links that don't work - thanks!)

Some low carbon Valentine's Day ideas put together by Anna and friends.

Resources for Transition activities

Have a look in the members area for links to various useful things, such as equipment we have available to lend out for Transition and related events, venues that are good for community events, films that you can borrow etc.

Funding for Transition Group projects

Here's a link to various local funding opportunities to help get projects off the ground. Do remember that if you are applying for funds under Transition Cambridge name, you'll need to get approval from the TC Chair Treasurer or Secretary first and if your funding application is successful, we ask for a small contributon towards our running costs. Download info here

Here are some of our recent press releases - we're not really sure where this should go on this web-site, so we've put it here for now.

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