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Sadly many Transition Cambridge events, have been cancelled or postponed during the Coronavirus pandemic. Others are running online. More




Monday 13th September - Friday 15th Oct: Open Eco Homes 2021

Zoom 06:00-21:00 add to google calendar
Open Eco Homes is back once again with free home tours and expert-led talks. This year's series of tours and talks will be online and include two new builds, six retrofits (including a church) and five expert-led talks.

Open Eco Homes is a home energy project of local charity Cambridge Carbon Footprint and this year we aim to help get you started with your home eco projects. We'll be providing expert advice to support you to plan your retrofit as well as support with 'easy win' actions such as draught-proofing or insulation.

The programme of community events will run between 13th September and 15th October. More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Sunday 19th September: "Thrive": creative workshop envisioning a future Cambridge

The OtherSyde, The Engineer's House, Riverside, Cambridge, CB5 8HN 11:00-12:30 add to google calendar
What does it mean to thrive? What do we all need in order to thrive? During this workshop we will explore these questions through artwork and discussion (art materials will be provided, or feel free to bring your own). We will create images of a future flourishing Cambridge, and begin to imagine the changes we would like to see that will enable us all to thrive while protecting our planet's resources. The workshop is open to everyone - whether you think you are an artist or not (matchstick men and doodles are hugely encouraged!) - it is family friendly and is free (donations welcome). Book here. It is offered by Hilary Cox Condron as part of her work as Ironworks Artist in Residence, and as part of Forge - the community exhibition she installed at The Museum of Cambridge exploring how we can move towards a kinder future. The workshop is offered in collaboration with the Cambridge Doughnut Economics Action Group and Transition Cambridge using a grant from the Transition Network: Bounce Forward Project and the National Lottery Community Fund. More...
Source: Transition Cambridge

Tuesday 21st September: Home Ventilation Choices

Zoom 19:30-20:30 add to google calendar
We all know that draughts waste energy (and are uncomfortable) but we do need ventilation. Which is the best solution for your house? This OpenEcoHomes talk is a rare opportunity to find out more and quiz an expert on a tricky subject.

Vince House, head of Sales and Operations UK at Aereco, has kindly agreed to come back and explain the pros and cons of various ventilation options. Aereco specialises in demand controlled systems, which means that the level of ventilation varies automatically depending on need. Other systems give constant or manually controlled ventilation.

Last year, James' OpenEcoHome 'Getting off Gas' showcased a ventilation system from Aereco, amongst other features. James assures us he has had no problems and is happy with his choice. More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Wednesday 22nd September: Carbon Neutral Cambridge AGM and talk by Professor Aled Jones

online 13:00-14:00 add to google calendar
Following a short meeting to deal with formal AGM business there will be a talk by Professor Aled Jones, Director of the Global Sustainability Institute.

Aled will share his take on the political situation (local, national and global) and the opportunities to accelerate the transition, followed by a discussion. The session will end at 2pm, but informal discussions can continue until 2:30pm.

Aled is very knowledgeable and inspiring, so it should be a very interesting session.

All are welcome to the AGM, but only Members have the right to vote. You can join as a member by updating your preferences via the CNC website here

Register at the link below to be sent the zoom link for the AGM and a reminder a few days beforehand. More...
Source: Carbon Neutral Cambridge

Thursday 23rd September: Carbon Positive Family Home

Zoom 19:00-20:00 add to google calendar
This OpenEcoHomes tour is hosted by Andy. Andy spent 20 years living on a narrowboat. This became a bit cramped when he started his family so Andy and Kate made the decision to build their own eco home. Their 2020 home is now largely net carbon positive to run as it exports considerably more energy than it uses.

Andy says: "Do what you can! Firstly, get the fabric as high spec as you can so you use as little energy as possible - good glazing, insulation wherever possible. And keep it airtight to avoid ventilation losses."

Key features: - Airtight with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system (MVHR). - Structural insulated panelled walls U value=0.11. - 15kW solar PV. - Sunamp heat store. - Rainwater harvesting tank for toilet cisterns, washing machine and garden tap. - Green roof. More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Sunday 26th September: The Work that Reconnects: Rediscovering our enthusiasm and agency during the ecological crises

Outdoor venue near Histon (exact address with ticket) 09:30-17:00 add to google calendar
As people around the world are rising up in defence of life on Earth, we are simultaneously witnessing widespread denial and apathy about the climate and environmental crises, even while being confronted with news of heatwaves and floods on an almost daily basis. Just now, on top of this, we also have to deal with a global pandemic! If, like many others, there are times when you feel overwhelmed, angry, fearful or numb in the face of the environmental crises, this workshop is for you. Taking time to acknowledge and honour our (often conflicting) emotions in relation to the global challenges is a very powerful practice, particularly when we are witnessed and supported by the presence of others. This experiential workshop will serve to reconnect us with our enthusiasm and agency, and inspire a sense of belonging and renewed hope for the future. Click here for further information and to book a ticket. The workshop will be facilitated by Kim Ashton and Anna McIvor. Suggested donation £20 (or whatever you can afford). More...
Source: Transition Cambridge

Tuesday 28th September: Carbon emissions in builds and retrofits

Zoom 19:30
Are you extending or renovating your house? Are you aware of the carbon implications? Modern building standards reduce in-use emissions from your house - from heating and lighting. However the carbon emissions from the actual construction are important too. Brick, cement and glass are all high energy and high embodied carbon. On the other hand, wood and other natural materials can store carbon and recycled materials are more carbon efficient than new - at least in the short to medium term. Durability is also important.

So how does you project stack up? Which windows to choose? Which claddings? Which roofing materials? How do you minimise embodied carbon without paying a fortune or compromising on quality?

Mark Brinkley, author of the Housebuilder's Bible, looks at the consequences of the purchase decisions you make when commissioning domestic building work. More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Wednesday 29th September: Energy Group: COP 26

ONLINE 20:00-22:00 add to google calendar
COP26 starts at the end of October - will we get real climate action this time? At this meeting we will discuss national/international policy where we are now, what could happen and additional benefits from a thriving low carbon economy. Then we can spread the word to our friends and make sure our political leaders understand too - what we want to happen and why this is so important.

We will conduct this meeting online using Zoom. All are welcome. Contact Nicola for the link to join the meeting. More...
Source: Transition Cambridge Energy Group

Thursday 30th September: Edwardian terrace phased retrofit

Zoom 19:00
This Open Eco Homes tour will be hosted by Suzie and Iain. Tom and Anne have been retrofitting their house in stages over the last 20 years. Come along to their online tour to hear what they have learnt and how they have reduced their energy carbon emissions by over 70% since 2001.

Tom says: "Consider taking any opportunity for eco improvements - we regretted missing the chance for internal wall insulation when reworking our kitchen/dinner/sitting room in 2004. Now finally corrected!"

Key features of this home: - Solid wall, loft and under-floor insulation - Air-to-air heat pump - Passive cooling and awnings - Improvements to air tightness - Low embodied carbon materials: Reclaimed and restored pine flooring and marmoleum (eco-lino) in kitchen More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Saturday 2nd October: Learning from PassivHaus Living

Zoom 16:00
This OpenEcoHomes tour will be hosted by Bea. Bea's detached Passivhaus standard home was completed in 2015. Now that she has been living in the home for six years, she is inviting you to an online tour of her home where she will share her experience of Passivhaus living.

Bea says: "When we first investigated the Passivhaus concept, we weren't sure whether it would feel claustrophobic to live in a near-airtight building. This is not at all the case; each room has at least one window that can be opened, and during summer we open them all the time."

Key features of this home: - Rainwater harvesting for toilets and garden. - Warmcel (made from recycled newspapers) and Earthwool (formaldehyde-free) insulation. - Mechanical ventilation with heat retention system (MVHR). - Solar gain. - Solar shading via external venetian blinds. More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Tuesday 5th October: A Whole House Approach to a 1960s Retrofit

Zoom 19:00
This Open Eco Homes tour will be hosted by Shaun. Shaun invites you to tour the whole house retrofit of his 1960s property. Hear about his experience of a retrofit which began by completely gutting the building to tackle everything all at once.

Shaun says "Our retrofit has made a huge difference to our overall standard of living: reducing pollen, dust and the frequency of cleaning; completely eliminating mould; almost no car and hot water running cost; heating only four months a year; no energy cost from home working; and the house is perfect for drying wet clothes indoors (no tumble dryer needed). I could go on ..."

Key features of this home: - 4.5kW solar PV - Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System (MVHR) - Mostly solid foil covered foam insulation - Heating zones and room thermostats - Heat store and solar panel in garden - Solar hot water - Inter-glazed blinds to reduce solar gain More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Thursday 7th October: Smart Electric Homes

Zoom and Makespace, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RX 19:30
What is a smart home? If you have solar panels, a battery, an electric vehicle or other energy storage, 'smart' controls can help. Optimising your use helps reduce energy bills while being kinder to the planet. How can you do this, what does it involve? Join this talk to find out more about making your home smarter.

Our speakers (both OpenEcoHome owners) are at different ends of the complexity spectrum:

- Andy Rankin (Midsummer Energy) has both professional and personal experience with smart technology supporting a large solar array and underfloor heating. - Zoe Thorn and Samin Ishtiaq have smart technology supporting their solar array + battery and immersion heater, with their battery supplied on trial by Bulb.

Andy will explore the issues and give an overview of the options available, and they'll all describe how smart homes work for them.

This event is a hybrid event: available to attend both in-person and online. Follow the link for more information on this. More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Monday 11th October: Home Energy Innovation

Zoom 19:00
Home energy reduction is undergoing a revolution with a huge array of new technologies available to help homeowners cut carbon emissions and energy bills. This talk features two of these innovations. Will they suit your home?

Mixergy's intelligent hot water tank lets you choose how much hot water to store (e.g. for a bath or just for the washing up?) and how it will be heated (from solar, off-peak electricity, gas - you choose). All controlled from your phone. James Hoople, Business Development Manager, will explain how it works and the savings that can be achieved.

Q-Bot's Spraybot, affectionately known as 'Betty', applies insulation to the underside of suspended timber floors. Verified by the Energy Savings Trust, Q-Bot's underfloor insulation is a non-intrusive energy efficiency measure which eliminates draughts, cuts carbon emissions, improves thermal comfort and reduces heating costs. Leigh Fairbrother, Head of Sales will demonstrate the technology to us. More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Thursday 14th October: Eco-redevelopment for city-centre church

Zoom 19:00
Margaret will be hosting an online tour of a recently completed church and halls eco-redevelopment in Cambridge. The buildings now have solar panels, secondary glazing for the stained-glass windows, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery in the smaller rooms and more.

Margaret says: "As a result of this project, 'sustainability' has now been welcomed by the congregation - the contractor is now also interested in further eco-retrofit training. We are seeing changes to lifestyles and greater eco-awareness of the whole congregation and wider public as a result of the work."

Key features of this home: - Ceiling, roof and internal wall insulation. - Double glazing with secondary glazing on stained-glass windows. - External solar screens on rooflights. - MVHR to smaller rooms. - 5kW solar PV. - Rainwater harvesting for garden. - Low-embodied carbon materials: Lime plaster, reused timbers in roof, reused wood parquet floor, Warmcel insulation. More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Friday 15th October: DIY 1960s EnerPHit Retrofit

Zoom 19:30
This Open Eco Homes tour will be hosted by Wookey. Wookey bought this 1960s home in 2007 and has been working on the retrofit since then. By taking the time to research and raise funds, he has been able to install many eco measures himself. Join this online tour to hear more about Wookey's experience of retrofitting in stages.

Wookey says "Since implementing the changes, we find the house to be much more comfortable to live in: warm in winter and cool in summer with no draughts and little outside noise."

Key features of this home: - Insulation (including loft and underfloor as well as internal, external and cavity wall). - Triple glazing throughout. - Solar thermal. - Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR). - 2.9kW solar PV. - Underfloor heating. - Woodburner. - 6x 1200L water butts. More...
Source: Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Thursday 21st October: Transition Cambridge AGM

The Signal Box, The Emerald, 82 Glenalmond Ave, Cambridge CB2 8DB (directions and map below) 19:30-21:00 add to google calendar
This year's AGM will follow our usual format, including formal business and a celebration of what we've achieved over the last year. We'll also hear from Meg, who's been doing a permaculture design based on Transition Cambridge. We hope to meet in person (venue to be confirmed) with the option of joining via Zoom. More details here. Please get any items for the agenda to us by Monday 18 October by contacting us here. Map and directions to the Signal Box Centre; it's accessible by bike from the guided busway to Trumpington, or you can park on Clarendon Road.
Source: Transition Cambridge

Thursday 24th February: Action on packaging: How the Co-op made all its own brand packaging recyclable.

online 18:30
Robert Thompson will explain how the Co-op overcame challenges to increase the recyclability of own brand packaging lines from 46% in 2016 to 100% in 2021. The talk will cover how the Co-op overcame challenges in defining what 'recyclable' means, how they worked with over 300 suppliers to ensure the packaging of 3,000 own brand products was recyclable, how they became the market for their own recyclate, and how they developed a system for recycling flexible plastic films in store. Finally, Rob will look at future challenges regarding responsible material choices and climate change.

Rob leads the packaging sustainability strategy for own brand packaging within the Ethics, Sustainability and Policy team at Co-op Food. He has worked in packaging development for over 20 years with experience gained working in composite can manufacture, frozen food, soft drinks and retail. He is a Chartered Environmentalist and a fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. More...
Source: The Institution of Engineering and Technology

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