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Friday 22nd March - Saturday 8th Jun: Water usage survey opens

online 10:00
The water group is keen to find out what water saving measures we can promote to help alleviate the problem of water shortage. This last winter has been wet but droughts are becoming frequent. Summer 2019 was particularly bad. Hence a survey: what are we already doing and can we encourage others to do it too? Please fill in the survey - and you can enter a prize draw for £30 shopping vouchers. Tell your friends and family - we all use water, not just in Cambridge.
Source: Transition Cambridge

Thursday 23rd May: Weekly Healthy Walking

Wandlebury Country Park 10:00-11:00 add to google calendar
Weekly Healthy Walking every Thursday throughout the year: 10am and 10.30am. Each walk lasts around 30 minutes and covers about 1.5 miles. This social group meets all year round at 10am every Thursday morning, with the slower walk starting at 10.30am. Walks are well-attended, with 50-60 people joining most weeks. Some people like it so much they do both walks! Teas and coffees are available afterwards. NB: Free of charge and no need to book. If you want to take part for the first time then please arrive 10 minutes early to register. The meeting point is the Stables Education Centre. Donations towards the upkeep of the park are always welcome. Directions: Wandlebury Country Park is on the A1307, 2.5km south of the Addenbrooke's roundabout. CB22 3AE. Parking is available on site and costs £3 per vehicle, members free. For queries: email us or call 01223 243830 extension 207. More...
Source: CambridgePPF

Thursday 23rd May: Film showing 'Six Inches of Soil'

Frankopan Hall, West Court, Jesus Lane CB5 8BQ 19:00-21:00 add to google calendar
'Six Inches of Soil' tells the inspiring story of three young British farmers standing up against the industrial food system and transforming the way they produce food - to heal the soil, our health and provide for local communities. Regenerative farming techniques work in harmony with, rather than against nature. It focuses on local food systems and shorter supply chains. The advantages are numerous: we get to know who is growing our food and how, farmers get paid a fair price and have the satisfaction of producing healthy food in a healthy environment. It may also be our best chance in the face of climate change: it keeps carbon in the ground and creates resilient systems in the face of climate uncertainty. There will be a panel Q and A afterwards, including Colin Ramsey, the film director, Tom Pearson, a local farmer, and professors David Nally and Shailaja Fennell.

Book tickets here. More...
Source: Six Inches of Soil

Friday 24th May: Energy Group - Shared Solar and Micro-grids

Marmalade Lane Common House and online 20:00-21:30 add to google calendar
The topic for May is Shared Solar and Micro-grids. We know that it's difficult to use all your own solar energy, especially without batteries. Can you use more by sharing with your neighbours? Or if you don't have your own roof space, can you build a shared system with your neighbours? Is it a good idea, and can it be done "fairly"? We'll look at the technology, costs and benefits. And other ways to get renewable energy without your own roof space, such as Ripple Energy. Chris W will lead and we will meet at the Marmalade Land Community and also online. Please ask Nicola for the zoom link.
Source: Transition Cambridge Energy Group

25th May - 30th June 2024: Cambridge Nature Festival

In and around Cambridge
After a very successful first two years the Cambridge Nature Festival is back and aims to get us all more in touch with the nature on our doorsteps!

The 3rd annual Cambridge Nature Festival will include over 90 events and activities with something for all ages, abilities and interests. There will be hands-on creative activities, nature walks, bat punt safaris, wildlife film screenings, BioBlitzes and much more. Most of the events will be free or affordable and will take place in/around Cambridge.

The Cambridge Nature Festival is being organised by the River Cam CAN (Climate Action through Nature) project and supported by the National Lottery Community Fund. Events will also be run by The Wildlife Trust BCN, The National Trust, RSPB, Cambridge City Council, Cambridge University Botanic Garden, Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination and many more!

The Festival will kick-off with a Launch event on 25th May at Logans Meadow with free events and activities for all the family. More...
Source: Cambridge Past Present and Future

Sunday 26th May: Empty Common Community Garden

Empty Common Community Garden 10:30-12:30 add to google calendar
ECCG is a magical meeting place for you and your friends, close to the centre of Cambridge. Enjoy chatting as you garden and relax. We meet as a group on Sunday mornings from 10.30 am to 12.30 or later but people can come individually or in groups whenever they like. We are just completing our 'Heads, Hearts and Hands' hut where we can learn, bond and do things together and have tea and cake too. Come and enjoy the space! More...
Source: Transition Cambridge - ECCG

Sunday 26th May: Honour the waters of Cambridge

Empty Common Community Garden Brooklands Ave, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 8BL 14:00-17:00 add to google calendar
Water is life. Water is alive. Join ceremonialist Isla Macleod and Water Sensitive Cambridge for an afternoon dedicated to water in our river catchment. Let's acknowledge our relationship with this amazing and essential element in gratitude: the river flows in Earth, our taps, our bodies, and every breath we take. Life creates the water cycle, and we are as much part of it as the rain, clouds and forests. More...
Source: Flora Griffin

Sunday 2nd June: Cambridge Permaculture Group

Empty Common Community Garden 13:30-15:00 add to google calendar
Cambridge Permaculture Group meet monthly at the beautiful Empty Common Community Garden and Hut ( a Transition Cambridge project designed and run on permaculture principles and open to all). The Hut gives shelter for up to 12 people, with tea making facilities and a very efficient stove. We meet at 1.30 pm on the first Sunday of the month, to bring permaculture to life in Cambridge. We welcome new people inquiring into what Permaculture is all about, and those who already appreciate and use it, we all learn from each other. The Diploma holders/ students in the group hope to run an introductory course during this year. We may also do some practical projects in the garden and plan a film night in the hut. To keep in the loop and get updates, read the Transition bulletin or email us here to ask to be added to the Google group.
Source: Cambridge Permaculture Group

Tuesday 4th June: 'What does it mean for a city to grow?'

SG2, Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP 13:30-17:30 add to google calendar
Professional and public discourses on what it means for a city like Cambridge to grow don't always match. The term 'growth' carries varying meanings - for some it's largely positive and growth brings opportunities for homes, wealth and solutions to existing problems. But for others, it can be threatening, much loved places change their character, environments can be damaged and opportunities created are not shared by everyone. Despite the growth of Cambridge being seen as of regional and national significance, the rise and hegemony of the pro-growth sentiment in Cambridge has rarely been critically examined. This public event aims to open up dialogues about 1) what it means for Cambridge to grow, and 2) how different perceptions could enable new visions of city development, drive behavioural changes and address major challenges through novel policymaking processes. More details of speakers and how are here. Open to all - and please complete the survey first. More...
Source: Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (CRASSH)

7th-9th June: The Big Help Out

The Big Help Out is open to all, and any organisation or individual can join in with or register an event via the Big Help Out Platform that will be available on web browser and as a downloadable mobile app.

The objective of The Big Help Out is to raise awareness of volunteering throughout the UK and provide opportunities for people to experience volunteering and make a difference in their communities. This is not a profit making or fundraising initiative.

To register as an individual, an organisation or a business, or find out more about the opportunities available please access the app via the home page of their site. More...
Source: Flora Griffin

Friday 7th June: Utopia Reading Club

Zoom 12:00-13:00 add to google calendar
We are exploring different visions of utopia through fiction, and are discussing what makes each work a utopia, for whom, and what work it would take to implement the best ideas in our world.

On June 7th, we'll be reading "The World Turned Upside Down: Radical Ideas During the English Revolution" by Christopher Hill. This is a look at radical ideas about religion, economics, and governance put forth by the Diggers, Rangers, Levellers, many of which are still read as radical in today's context.

The zoom link for our meeting is available through eventbrite. More...
Source: Cambridge Doughnut

Sunday 9th June: June Plant Swap at Trumpington allotments

Foster Road allotments trading hut CB2 9JR 10:30-12:00 add to google calendar
Swap spare seedlings, plants and surplus seeds. Expand the range of plants you grow and meet other local gardeners. You can attend even if you don't have anything to swap, just make a donation. No admission charge. Everyone welcome. Arrive early for the best choice of plants. Directions here.

We usually have plant swaps each May and June (and don't forget Trumpington Seedy Sunday in January).
Source: Trumpington Allotment Society

Monday 17th June: Book launch - 'Wild Service'

Heffers Bookshop, 20 Trinity Street, Cambridge CB2 1TY 18:30-19:30 add to google calendar
'Wild Service' is a visionary concept crafted by the pioneers of the Right to Roam campaign, which argues that humanity's loss and nature's need are two sides of the same story. Blending science, nature writing and indigenous philosophy, this groundbreaking book calls for mass reconnection to the land and a commitment to its restoration.

In Wild Service we meet Britain's new nature defenders: an anarchic cast of guerilla guardians who neither own the places they protect, nor the permission to restore them. Still, they're doing it anyway. This book is a celebration of their spirit and a call for you to join. So, whether you live in the countryside or the city, want to protect your local river or save native flora, this is your invitation to rediscover the power in participation - the sacred in your service.

The speakers are both local - Emma Linford is a campaigner, expedition guide and educator; and Harry Jenkinson is a land justice and Indigenous rights campaigner. More info about the book and the Right to Roam movement here. Tickets are free, book via the link below. More...
Source: Right to Roam campaign

Saturday 22nd June: Restore Nature Now march

Park Lane to Parliament Square (London) 12:00-16:00 add to google calendar
Be part of something huge and really important! Over 100 organisations are helping to make this happen - including the National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, Woodland Trust, RSPB, Plantlife, WWF and Friends of the Earth.

This legal, peaceful, inclusive and family-friendly demonstration aims to be the biggest gathering of people for nature and climate that the UK has ever seen. It is both a celebration of British nature and a protest calling for urgent political action on the nature and climate emergencies.

We want to see UK politicians show strong domestic and global nature and climate leadership by:

1. Giving a pay-rise for nature

2. Making polluters pay

3. Delivering more space for nature

4. Putting a right to a healthy environment in law

5. Ensuring fair and effective climate action

Coaches are being planned from Cambridge. Please message 07421057944 for more details More...
Source: Jenny Langley

Friday 12th July: Water supply and demand in Cambridge

Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane and online 19:30-20:45 add to google calendar
Have you filled in the water usage survey? The last day is 8th June so you still have time. Anyway the results will be announced at this event - so if you are interested in how often we actually wash our clothes and bedlinen, how we water the garden, if we reuse our washing up water, or whether we always flush the toilet after a pee, now is your chance. Also, we will hear from Daniel Clark, representing our water supply company, on plans to balance water supply and demand. Even without population growth this is a challenge because of climate change, and (locally) the chalk streams crisis. Dan will take questions and there will be some time for discussion afterwards.
Source: Transitioncambridge.org

Resilience Webs for Norwich, Durham and York

Cambridge Resilience Web has expanded, and the Resilience Web platform is now available for everyone to use to create a web for their place (city/town/village/area etc). Just this weekend the Norwich Resilience Web went live, and there are already webs for Durham and York too. We'd love to support the creation of webs for Ely, Saffron Waldon, St Ives and other nearby places - if you live in these places and would like to help, please get in touch! Email Anna here. And if you haven't already had a look round the Cambridge Resilience Web, do take a look! More...
Source: Resilience Web 13 May 2024

Transition Together consultation in support of future funding

Transition Together (the UK Transition network of groups) need our input to help secure future resources for the Transition movement in the UK: "With our current funding coming to an end in March 2025, we are working hard to demonstrate how Transition groups are having a positive impact on their communities and to tell a powerful collective story of how our movement - with the right resources - can continue to help communities solve problems, lead change and make things better in real, tangible ways. Hearing from Transition groups was vital to secure funding from the National Lottery Community Fund four years ago and has guided our work throughout. Now we need to hear from you again to make a strong bid for continuing and building on the work we've started. Here's how you can help: take our survey (both individuals and groups can feed back); and/or join our Movement Consultation Events on 22 May and 12 June (anyone involved in Transition is welcome to take part). We know everyone is busy and pressed - and really appreciate you taking the time to contribute. We also know that together, we are doing great things - and that we have only just begun, and if we can secure the right support, together we can do so much more." We (Transition Cambridge) have received several small and medium grants through Transition Together over the last few years, so please do fill in their survey/attend their event if you are able. Thanks! More...
Source: Transition Together 12 May 2024

Adding locations into the Resilience Web? Tell us your ideas

The Resilience We is a directory that lists groups and organisations that work on climate change, environmental issues, sustainability and social justice. There are currently two ways of viewing organisations, as a list and as a dynamic web with groups divided into categories (see here - you can toggle between the views at the top - the web view works best on larger screens). A few people have asked about mapping the geographical locations of groups on a map, and we are beginning to explore what this might look like and how people would like to use that kind of feature. We'd be really interested to hear your ideas - here is a brief survey. We'd be really grateful if you could take the time to fill it in (or just write us an email). As ever, we are also keen to create new Resilience Webs for new places, so if you'd like to create a web for your town/village/area/city, please do get in touch. Thanks! More...
Source: Resilience Web, an offshoot of Transition Cambridge 12 May 2024

Large nature reserve planned for Cambridge - survey

A local charity is proposing to create a large nature reserve on the western edge of Cambridge. Cambridge Past, Present & Future is setting out a vision for transforming 200 acres of arable farmland that it owns near to Coton village so that it can benefit nature, improve community well-being and mitigate climate change.

The first phase of the 'Wilder Coton' project is already being planned and could get underway this autumn. A 10 acre field on Red Meadow Hill will be transformed into a mix of wildflower meadow, scrub and woodland and will enhance the lovely view. In another area, a new wetland will be created which will be a haven for nature as well as improving water quality in the River Cam catchment. A fundraising appeal is underway to help pay for these projects.

Cambridge Past, Present & Future is asking people what they think of its plans via an online survey at https://www.cambridgeppf.org/vision-coton-reserve by 20th May More...
Source: Flora Griffin 12 May 2024

Book release - Six Inches of Soil

Six Inches of Soil is the inspiring story of British farmers standing up to the industrial food system and transforming the way they produce food - to heal the soil, benefit our health and provide for local communities. This is the companion book to the film, which can be seen on Thursday 23rd May.

Six Inches of Soil is a story of courage, vision and hope. This book is not just for farmers. Reconnecting with our food, and regenerating our soils, ourselves and our communities benefits everyone and needs everyone to be involved.

This book and the film are closely related but stand on their own. In these pages you will find detailed chapters on each of the three farmers that provide replicable case studies and inspiration. Additionally, there are chapters examining the problems with the current agri-food system and proposing solutions and a vision for the future. More...
Source: Flora Griffin 12 May 2024

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