The Events Group

The events group is busy organising events. We're always on the look out for exciting events/films, so let us know if you have something in mind (we are very willing to partner with other organisations too). We also organise stalls for the big fairs in Cambridge, such as Mill Road Winter Fair, Strawberry Fair and the Town and Country Fair.

You'll find all our events and stalls on the Transition events page, and we'll use this page to post information about special events that are coming up.

Calendar of fetes and festivals 2013

The invitations to have stalls at fetes and festivals are already started coming in - here is a list of them so we can keep track of them. If you know you will be attending one, let us know and we'll mark it on here. We are currently thinking of only attending a couple of these, so let us know if you'd like to help out as that may mean we can cover more of them! It's usually a fun day out and we take turns so that no-one is on the stall all day.

  • Nuffield Road Allotment Site seedswap - 27th April
  • Strawberry Fair - 1st June
  • Cambridge Town and Country Show (Oakleigh Fairs - 8-9th June
  • Milton Bike Fest - 22nd June
  • Chesterton Festival - 29th June
  • The Big Weekend - early July
  • Cambridge Food Garden and Produce Festival - 14-15th September

The display boards we use are lent to us by Trumpington Allotments Society. If you would like to borrow them for an event please check this page for bookings.

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