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River Cam - the water level is maintained by sluices but when the water is low in the chalk aquifer the flow in the river is so slow it is more like a pond. Low flow rates concentrate pollution in the water, which would normally be diluted.

Environmental links

Water are we using too much(blog post) This blog post discusses the reasons why water use is such a problem and how it relates to climate change.
Impacts of our water use This is a fun demonstration (on Nicola's website) of how our water use affects the aquifer levels, stream flow, trees and vegetation.
Cam Valley Forum The Cam Valley Forum is a voluntary group, established in 2001. They work with a network of partners to protect and improve the environment of the River Cam and its tributaries. They have a monthly newsletter.
Environment Agency water situation reports The Environment agency reports monthly on aquifer levels and weekly on river flows. Also in October 2019 the EA chief made a statement to the National Drought Group about the impacts of the drought in South East and East England - and what can be done.

Saving water links

Estimate your water usage

Nicola wrote this app to help estimate your water use and how much you could save.

Cambridge Water's tips for water saving
Cambridge Water supplies our water. They also offer free devices such as flow savers to fit to your tap and strips to check for leaky cisterns here plus they have educational resources here.
Waterwise Waterwise is an independent not-for-profit organisation promoting water efficiency across the UK.

Other links

Discover Water Discover Water has information about water use in the UK including comparisons between companies for price, service and environmental performance (leakage, carbon emissions etc).
Waterlight Project This is a collaborative project inspired by the chalk streams in Cambridgeshire. Using photography, film, poetry and other media it touches on all matters to do with the streams including the people (and wildlife) who are touched by them, in the past and in the present.
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