Privacy Policy

You do not need to log on to this site in order to read it.

If you do not log into this web site we will collect no more information from you than is usual for web sites. This is usually a log of your IP address, the pages you read and the times you read them. See also our data protection policy

If you wish to edit any page on this web site, you must log on using a user name and password unique to you. If you do this, as well as collecting the standard data, the site will issue one or more cookies which must be accepted by your browser. These are needed to remember your user name across pages, and all edits you make to pages will be logged under that user name. They may be deleted at the end of the session. The edit history of any page is visible to any other user who can edit the same page, and may be made visible to any other user who is logged in, but not visitors who have not logged in.

The administrators may analyse all collected data to improve the operation of the site, produce and publish statistics which do not reveal personal data, to diagnose problems or track abuse.

No web server log data will be revealed to any third party without the permission of the person concerned unless required by law and supported by court order or other relevant statutory instrument.

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