Transition Cambridge Hub

Transition Cambridge is a community organisation, run entirely by volunteers. It consists of a number of groups co-ordinated by elected group representatives at Hub meetings. We are united by our concerns, our aims and our vision for the future:

  • We are concerned by climate change and rising energy prices due to fossil fuel supply issues and also the need to mitigate climate change
  • We aim to raise awareness of these issues and to develop resilience in the Cambridge community - lessening our dependence on fossil fuels and building local capacity. We aim to do this now - because we want to, not wait until we have to
  • Our vision is for a prosperous community which is people-oriented, diverse, supportive, versatile independent of fossil fuels.

See What is transition? for more about this and about the Transition Towns network as a whole. Get Involved is a good place to start if you would like to join in.

Hub meetings

The hub is a cross-group forum, with representatives of each sub group that meets once a month to co-ordinate activities and discuss issues that affect Transition Cambridge as a whole. Here are the minutes from our meetings.

Our constitution

Here is a copy of our constitution, adopted at a Special General Meeting held at the United Reformed Church, 154 Cherry Hinton Road in Cambridge on 30th July, 2010.


As it says in our constitution, you are a member of Transition Cambridge if you live work or study in the Cambridge area and you contribute to our activies, either by joining one of the sub-groups, or volunteering in some other way. Or you can become a Friend of Transition by making a regular donation.

Members of Transition Cambridge are entitled to vote at the AGM.

The membership list is maintained by the secretary - Nicola - please contact her if you have any queries.


The officers as of 14 Sept 2020 are:

Our policies


You can find archived pages and documents here.

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