Transition activities and ways to get involved

Current Groups

  • Community growing projects Community gardens for food, wildlife and fun.
  • Energy – meetings discuss energy realted topics especially regarding renewable energy and energy saving. Meetings every 3-4 weeks .re
  • Events – organise large awareness raising events and other big events such as TC’s birthday parties
  • Staying dry - stuff to do with flood resilience, such as rain gardens, green roofs, permeable paving and appropriate landscaping.
  • Skillshare/Repair cafe- – in association with CCF we run repair cafes where people can bring stuff to get fixed and fixers have a go.


  • CropShare – a Community Supported Agriculture scheme, helping a local organic farmer, learning about farming, sharing the produce
  • Growing Spaces – making use of small piece of unused land (from container size to garden size) to grow food plants (fruit bushes, trees, herbs, veg)
  • Romsey Community Garden – local people have created and evolve a community garden, with vegetables, flowers, nature and recreation area
  • Empty Common Community Garden - at the back of Empty Common allotments, this garden is mainly for growing food but also has features for wildlife including bats, birds, hedgehogs and solitary bees. Users meet on Sundays to do stuff and have a shared lunch.


  • Newsletter – take turns writing Transition Cambridge’s weekly newsletter
  • Social media - keeping the facebook and twitter accounts active and writing articles for the Media Blog
  • Stalls – run stalls at local events such as Strawberry Fair, the Town and Country Show and Mill Road Winter Fair
  • Web – keep the web-site up-to-date
  • Admin – keeping resources together, answering e-mails, many assorted tasks
  • Poster-making – necessary for all our events and activities
  • Running workshops and giving talks ¬ - as we are invited to do so and for special Transition events
  • Council liaison – on-going as required according to local consultations

Forming Groups

  • Transport – contribute to council consultations; current projects under discussion

Past and/or Future(?) Groups

  • Health – considering how healthcare will need to transition
  • Permaculture - learning how to work with nature to grow food with less effort and more resilience
  • Garden Share - linking people who want help wth the gardens with those who would like to grow food but don't have space.
  • Fruit Harvest - making sure that food does not go to waste at harvest time, by picking it and making sure it is used.
  • CamBake - a community of bakers, using locally produced organic flour where possible
  • Education – preparing materials for use in schools and workshops
  • Well-being / Heart and Soul – events, discussion groups, walks, retreats
  • Tales and Visions – storytelling and visioning workshops
  • Nature – nature walks and other events
  • Knitting Circle – teaching people how to knit and crochet
  • Courses and training – e.g. wind turbine course, Transition Training
  • Local currency – setting up a local currency for Cambridge
  • Recycling – talking to people and providing info about reusing and recycling

For more information about any of these groups or projects, contact us or visit the relevant pages on this web-site.

Our Mission

Transition Cambridge aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are more resilient in the face of rising energy prices and a changing climate.

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