Transition Cambridge Rule Book

In order to function effectively and to maintain our reputation the hub has agreed the following rules for managing grants and payments. These rules are constantly under review and will be amended as and when we deem appropriate.

Applications for Grants

In order to ensure the appropriate administration of grant applications made in Transition Cambridge’s (TC’s) name, and to safeguard its reputation and the correct use of such funds, Transition Cambridge establishes the following guidelines for grant applications made under its name or in the name of any Transition Cambridge group or project, by any member.

  • grant applications should be approved (and where appropriate, amended) by at least three members of the hub including (at least one of) the treasurer, secretary or chair; applications need to be received by hub members in sufficient time before the meeting or deadline;
  • grant applications should include a 10% overhead cost to central Transition Cambridge funds to contribute towards the costs of keeping Transition Cambridge running (e.g. public liability insurance, web costs etc).

Payment for Services for or on behalf of Transition Cambridge

Any member seeking payment for services for or on behalf of Transition Cambridge should first prepare a schedule for services to be performed and their charges for those services.

The schedule of services shall include:

  • what the member will do;
  • when it will be done by;
  • how the hub can assess whether it has been completed;
  • how much the member will be paid for the service;
  • and an agreement to provide full accounts within one month of the task being completed, including receipts and an invoice to Transition Cambridge for the time put into providing the service.

The proposed schedule will be considered by the Transition Cambridge Hub, who will establish agreed performance criteria before approving the expenditure. Funds will be released when the Hub is satisfied the services have been completed as agreed.

This applies both to payments for services out of grants and to payments in relation to events organisation or other incoming-bringing activities. This rule does not apply to expenditure on materials which have been previously agreed as part of a grant-making process, or for amounts less than £100.

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