Cambridgeshire Repair Cafe Network

Cambridgeshire Repair Café Network holds Repair Cafés in Cambridge and supports groups who'd like to set up a Repair Café anywhere in Cambs. We started out in 2014 with Transition Cambridge's first Repair Café, and work with Cambridge Carbon Footprint to build a culture where repairing, not replacing or recycling, is the norm.

At the 2024 Cambridge Festival at King's College Sat 23 and Sun 24 March.

More upcoming Repair Cafés in and around Cambridge.

We've worked alongside repair initiatives like the Restart Project to set up the new Community Repair Network If you want to know more about repair, how it it helps us and helps our planet this is a great place to start.

A few years ago, the concept of repair was still considered to be 'niche' by many. Now the 'Trend to Mend' is mainstream, and you can read many positive media stories The truly excellent 2021 BBC Radio 4 'Dare to Repair' series is still available on BBC Sounds. Definitely worth a listen.

Repairing is kind to our planet and kind to people too as shown in this piece from 12 March 2024.

For details on the international repair movement see the Repair Cafe web-site.

Local repairing and skill-sharing:

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