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This is now an archive as the steering group held its last meeting on 18 Feb 2010.

It has now been replaced by the Transition Cambridge Hub.

The old steering group has now become the Awareness Raising Group.

Old web-page

The Transition Cambridge steering group came into being back in February 2008, and we've been pretty busy ever since! We've mainly concentrated on awareness-raising about peak oil and climate change, and out of this several sub-groups have formed to take on the practical aspects of the transition to a low carbon society. According to the Transition model, after several sub-groups have formed, the steering group dissolves and is replaced by a central group with one or two members from each sub-group. We are currently discussing whether it is time to do this, and how the spokesperson model would function.

Our meetings

We meet fortnightly on Thursdays between 6 and 7:30pm in the cafe. If you are interested in joining the steering group, we'd recommend coming to some of our events first so that you get a feeling for what we are doing, and then having a chat with some of the current committee members and possibly coming to a couple of meetings as an observer, to see if you want to get more involved.

How we got started

Transition Cambridge came into being early in 2008, after a mix of people who had met at the Big Green Gathering, Cambridge Carbon Footprint and via friends and chance meetings started watching films about peak oil and considering the consequences. The first meeting was held on Sunday 3rd February 2008 and meetings have been held approximately every two weeks since then. We heard that we had become an official Transition Town from the Transition Network on 22 July 2008.

Who we are

At the moment, the members of the steering group include James Southwick, Naveen Paterno, Jono Sedley, Nicky Smith, Anna McIvor, Ceri Galloway, Maggie Craig, Pippa Vine and Ben Palmer. We are quite dynamic with people coming and going as their circumstances allow. We have a lot of experience of organising events and running groups, as well as practical experience e.g. growing our own food.

What we do

We put most of our energy into awareness-raising activities, and this involves running a variety of different events and having stalls at various fetes, fairs and wherever we can. Events include workshops, talks, film-showings - our biggest event yet was when we showed "The Power of Community: How Cuba survived Peak Oil" at the Arts Picture House, and more than 200 people turned up. We also organised several events during the Environment Festival. We have had stalls at Strawberry Fair, Mill Road Winter Fair, outside Arjuna and several other events.

We have also met with the mayor, with various members of the council, and with other environmental groups in Cambridge. We share writing the bulletin, do fund-raising, organise training, run open meetings to encourage more people to get involved, and liaise with the topic groups. Several of us have attended the Transition conferences, which is a great way of getting inspiration and learning from other groups' experiences.

Open Space meetings

We have organised two open space meetings now, which are an opportunity for everyone to bring up and discuss Transition-related topics, and possibly start a new sub-group on that topic. See here for the notes from 2008 and here for a description and the notes from the open space in July 2009.

Minutes of our meetings

We meet every two weeks, and you are welcome to read the minutes of our meetings. They are here. (Sorry if they are not quite up-to-date - we hope to fix this soon.)

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