Open Meeting Sunday 5th July 2:30-5pm

People at the Open Space Meeting

About 30 people came to our second open meeting, and lots of new ideas were generated for future transition projects, so the event was definitely a success! We took as our big question for the day "How can we create a low-carbon Cambridge, less dependent on oil?". We started with a quick intro to Transition, followed by a 'mapping' activity so that everyone could meet each other, and this led into a an exercise where people could find others who lived in their own area and discuss their vision for Transition in their area (here are some of the notes that people made during these local area discussions).

The second half of the afternoon followed an Open Space format, and everyone was invited to suggest topics that they would like to discuss. We ended up with the following topic groups:

  • Growing Schemes in schools
  • The great unleashing
  • More allotments
  • Housing
  • Manure
  • Transition University
  • Packaging
  • Veg swap (and other things too)
  • Biofuels/energy
  • Economics and business
  • Balancing Transition with activism/direct action, the yes and the no#
  • Water into the future
  • Community cohesion

You can see the write-ups from these sessions here. Hopefully some of these groups will go forward with some projects and actions. (If you're interested to contact one of the groups, e-mail us at our Transition Cambridge e-mail address and we'll put you in touch with them if we have a contact.)

If you're interested in taking the ideas from your group forward, let us know and we'll do our best to offer our support! There are also some notes on how to go about setting up a topic group or local area group here.

Our Mission

Transition Cambridge aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are more resilient in the face of rising energy prices and a changing climate.

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