Food Group Strategy

Transition Cambridge Food Group aims to support and foster a sustainable local food culture and supply, as well as to build resilience in the face of climate, economic and fossil fuel uncertainty.

We initiate, develop and collaborate in projects designed to inspire and involve the wider community. We seek to build networks and work with partner organisations with similar values.

We try to raise awareness of the potential effects of climate change and peak oil, the vulnerability of the present agro-industrial model, and inspire significant behaviour change.

In the longer term, we plan to develop community-based food enterprises designed to be financially viable as well as ecologically resilent. We hope to create livelihoods.

We see the strategy as a journey, and aim to provide practical activities that promote our strategy.


  1. Encourage local, sustainable food.
  2. Support the Cropshare project and aim for it to grow into a full-scale CSA.
  3. Support other practical events, such as Trumpington Seedy Sunday.
  4. Be a hub or incubator to launch other projects.
  5. Link people with similar objectives.

Here's an older statement of our aims with detail about food sourcing.

Last updated: 6 April 2011