Aims of the food group

06 April 2011: This document is now superseded by our Strategy but it still contains useful details.

Our vision is for Cambridge to source as much food as possible locally and sustainably. Extrapolating from Growing Communities' Food Zones principles it should be possible to source our food like this:

25% 35% 20% 15% (currently 27%1) 5% (currently 13%1)
in and around the city within 100 miles within the UK within the EU rest of the world
salad, fruit and veg, pigs and chicken arable crops, pigs, dairy orchard fruit, lamb, more arable ... oranges, specialist meat and dairy, ... exotic and luxury fruit and veg

We have a list of outlets selling locally grown food in Cambridge.

1. From DEFRA discussion paper 'Ensuring the UKs Food Security in a Changing World'

To achieve this, we campaign:

  • To raise awareness among the people of Cambridge on the extent to which our current food supply is dependent upon cheap energy and the serious impact that Peak Oil will have on this.
  • To minimise the local impact of Peak Oil by promoting and enabling the production of food locally and sustainably (considering water resources as well as energy consumption)
    • working directly or in partnership with other organisations
    • providing education and support to local people to encourage them to produce their own food sustainably
    • developing small-scale and community-based initiatives that will increase sustainable food production initiatives in the area.
    • promoting and supporting local suppliers and retail outlets that provide food that has been grown and distributed locally
    • lobbying local and central government for action and policies that will optimise opportunities for producing food locally and sustainably.
    • promoting more efficient use of existing food resources and significantly reducing the current high levels of food waste.
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