How will Peak Oil and Climate Change affect our food supply?

Are there other similar groups from which we can borrow ideas?

  • There are lots of other similar groups around the country with similar aims and with brilliant ideas. For example:

How can I become more efficient in the way I use food?

  • There are various aspects to this. For day to day shopping, storing and cooking issues, see Tips on reducing food waste. For storing seasonal produce, there are some excellent sources of advice listed on our links page and for when you have more than you need there are several groups who will take it off your hands for a good cause such as Food Share

I live near a busy road. Is it safe to grow food in my garden or is there too much lead?

  • The short answer is - there is no need to worry because it is safe! For more information, see our page on lead contamination in soil

Where can I get compost made from the green bin collections?

How do I get an allotment?

  • Everything you need to know about allotments in Cambridge can be found on the Cambridge Allotments Network including all the sites and contact details. They all have a waiting list, sadly, but some are shorter than others.
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