Grow Your Own Vegetables Course 2009 - more photos

July 25th

Harvesting of Shallots, Beetroot, Calabrese and Broad BeansCalabrese (summer broccoli)

June 27th

Harvesting Broad BeansHarvest of potatoes and broad beans
Preserving workshopHarvesting Broad Beans
GarlicHarvesting Broad BeansPreserving 

May 16th

Tomato in potMore tomatoes potted up on the patio
Let's use peat-free compostTying tomato stem loseley to the stake
Let's use peat-free grow bags too!Yet another tomato potted upMore weeding 

April 25th

ParsleyCompost tumbler
Sharpening a scythe......and using it.

Here's more photos from April 25th

March 29th

Sowing broad beansWeeding garlic
Now where's that asparagus?...... here it is! The first asparagus spear of the season
Eric showing a group around his plotDavid showing a group around his plot

March 7th

Preparing a seed bedPlanting shallots
Sowing parsnipsParsnip seed sownHarvesting last years parsnips

October 23rd 2008

Digging Spuds

OK, this was before the course started. But it is a nice photo of Rowan.

See the photo diary of our plot.

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