Compost from Amey in Waterbeach

Please note we do not supply compost ourselves. Amey is the company that handles our green bin waste. You get it from them.

Amey (was Donarbon Ltd) of Ely Road, Waterbeach have free compost available to gardeners and allotment holders who are able to collect it from their site, which is situated first left off the new roundabout on the A10 as you travel towards Ely (where the new building work is). The free compost pile is clearly signed once you are through the entrance gate. Please bring your own sacks or trailer and shovel to load the compost.

Amey will also deliver skip loads of compost to allotment holders and residents in Cambridge and the surrounding villages with large gardens for a fee to cover their transport costs. The compost will be dumped on your property - hiring the skip itself costs more. Also, if you are hiring a skip from them anyway you can ask for it to be delivered full of compost at no extra charge.

This service is subject to availability of compost as this material is sold to local farmers, landscape gardeners and horticulture.

The compost is made from kitchen and garden waste Amey receives from the kerbside (green bin) collections in Cambridgeshire, garden waste delivered to the main household recycling centres and commercial green waste from tree surgeons, landscape gardeners and parks.

For opening times, contact details and more information see the Amey website.