CaSFA Workshops

CaSFA has materials and experience to help you run your own workshop. We have run two very successful events of our own January 2011 and October 2009. The workshops covered a range of topics.

  • Food waste facts - like how much we throw away (8.3 million tonnes a year!) and why
  • Tips on avoiding waste - and saving money - including:
    • Menu planning and shopping and understanding food labels
    • Keeping food fresh (and safe to eat) for longer
    • Ideas and recipes for using up leftovers
  • Food trade ethics
  • What food sustainability means

Here is a presentation which we can use as a starting point: pdf version (1Mb) and ppt version (3.4 Mb)

Both our workshops involved hands-on cooking and tasting but that isn't vital (though it is jolly good fun). There were games and lively discussions too.

Let us know if you are interested. We may be able to help you find funding as well.

CaSFA is: Cambridge Sustainable Food Alliance

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