Making The Most of Food 2009

The principles and energy behind Making the Most of Food are now helping to drive Cambridge Sustainable Food Alliance

Saturday 10th October 2009

Many thanks both to our cookery teacher Kathryn Broe, and to Marlene Phillips of WRAP (Love Food Hate Waste) for a brilliantly fun and informative day. Kathryn demonstrated a variety of recipes including several based on ratatouille, which, as she explained, could be replaced by other vegetables in different seasons, and then organised our practical lesson making the first and last courses (soup and fruit crumble) to complete our three course lunch. Amazingly, it was not a case of too many cooks spoil the broth - everything was quite delicious. After that, Marlene horrified us with a factual talk on food waste and led discussions on how we can adjust our habits to waste less food. Marlene was not the only one with tips to offer - we all had ideas to share. See Tips on Reducing Food Waste for some highlights.

Plans are afoot to create a new offshoot of Transition Cambridge Food Group, provisionally called 'Making the Most of Food', specifically to focus on ways of using and preserving locally produced food in season, and on raising awareness of food waste, so please contact Pippa if you'd like to get involved.

Pippa was interviewed on Radio 209 just before the event - you can listen here (4.8 Mb mp3).

To show you how much fun we had, here are some pictures:

Kathryn demonstrates how to make lasagne

Now it's our turn: tomato focaccia

Making apple crumble

The proof of the pudding:

The survivors

Mediterranean galette - not nearly as difficult as it is spectacular

Carrot and coriander soup (and washing up)

Marlene reveals some horrible statistics

With special thanks to Lush and to the Co-operative Membership, whose financial support made this event possible. 

CaSFA is: Cambridge Sustainable Food Alliance

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