Making the Most of Food Jan2011

The principles and energy behind Making the Most of Food are now helping to drive Cambridge Sustainable Food Alliance

Saturday 29th Jan 2011

1pm to 5pm

Tine Roche Cambridge Cookery School Marie-Ann Ha Public health nutritionist

This event was funded by Love Food Hate Waste via the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Waste Partnership RECAP

The afternoon was packed with advice about how to reduce food waste from your household (and some horrifying statistics about how much we do throw out) and also great fun hands on cooking and eating. The recipes are here and we also have a presentation which which covers most of the talking bits - pdf version (1Mb) and ppt version (3.4 Mb). If you have any suggestions for improving this please let us know - we hope it will be a useful resource for anyone wanting to put on their own MMF type event.

Shaping potato cakes from leftover mash.
Cooking - the Cambridge Cookery School has efficient induction hobs.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
Time for discussion...
.. inbetween Marie's talks ...
.. and food safety bingo.
Finally Tine gave a whizzy demo of how to make mayonnaise.

CaSFA is: Cambridge Sustainable Food Alliance

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