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Photos from after the course and a little youtube clip of the turbine.

This course has now run. If you'd like to attend a future wind turbine course run by Cambridge Greentech, get in touch with Anna.

Dates: Friday 3 to Sunday 5 September.
3 full days, 9am to 7pm (some nights may be later); finishing by 5pm on Sunday

Venue: REWORKS, 9-11 Harvest Way, Cambridge CB1 2RA

Cost: 150 (bookings before 22 August); 180 (bookings after 22 August). Vegetarian lunch and supper are included (no supper on Sunday). (With thanks to the Society for Environmental Improvement Trust and Lush, whose sponsorship is allowing us to offer this course more cheaply!)

Accommodation: If you live outside Cambridge, we will do our best to find people who can put you up during the course.

Number of places on the course: 9-12 people.

More pictures from the last course in Cambridge run by V3.

Over the course of the weekend, attendees will get a chance to work on all aspects of building a wind turbine, including woodworking, metalworking and electrics. At the end of the course we will erect the turbine and see it in action (if it's windy!). The turbine we will be making is a 12V / 200W Hugh Piggott Axial Flux turbine and will have a 1.2m blade diameter. More information:

This course is run in association with Cambridge Greentech and V3Power, with support from the Society for Environmental Improvement Trust and Lush.

Workshop Schedule

AM: Introduction to wind-power, the turbine design, basic theory, tour of workshop and base-stations, health & safety etc.
PM: Base stations, session 1.

AM: Base-stations, session 2.
PM: Base-stations, session 3, casting the rotar & stator.

AM: Do whatever needs doing to get the turbine finished.
PM: Go to field, put up the turbine, have a celebratory picnic.

On Friday and Saturday, we'll stop at 7pm and have dinner together. There may be more to do after, but that will be optional for those that want to stay later. On Sunday, we'll aim to finish everything in the morning, and then take the turbine to Coldham's Common to put up, and have a picnic lunch. We should be finished by 5pm if you need to leave; if you're able to stay, your help with bringing the turbine back to the workshop and with clearing up will be appreciated.

For those that live in Cambridge, there may be a couple of follow-up sessions where we finish painting the turbine and building a small demonstration stand that will allow us to take the turbine around local fairs, to show it in use and talk to people about renewable energy.

Download a poster if you would like to publicise this course to friends/colleagues.

More pictures from the last course in Cambridge run by V3.

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