Wind Turbine Resource Page and links to photos

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Pictures and video

Here's a link to a short video of the turbine:
And here are lots of pictures from the course: More to come! If you'd like to add yours to the same flickr page I can give you the password.

Greg's washing machine stators

Pete asked me for the info on my LG Stator (36 poles) and magnetic rotor.

People can buy a new Stator and roter from this link below:

They will need to click on the washing machine part link and then enter the correct model number to find the parts. Try model number WM16225FD Then this will show the 2 parts. Rotor (4413ER1001A 25.29) and Stator (4417FA1994E 64.63).

The next info is for rewiring for different voltages is on this very good website: Note that the above Stator is the 36pole version.

Plus alternative hardware set up for this type of wind mill. A central metal plate and shaft will be needed for the above stator as the one shown is an Australian version. Tom still thought it could be set up the way we did on the coarse.

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