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Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to the ill-health of the trainers. We very much to put on another similar event in future.

Getting your Message Across: How to be heard when it matters

Saturday 17th April (10am-5pm) and Sunday 18th April (10am-4pm)

This course is offered by Elizabeth English (Locana) and Annie Rankin (Vajrasara) and is not specifically a Transition event; however they are offering special low prices to those working in the low carbon/transition/green movements, so we are advertising it here. We feel that learning to communicate well is an essential aspect of being able to work together as part of Transition Cambridge, so we are very grateful to them for offering this course in Cambridge!

About the Course

This introduction to Nonviolent Communication is for anyone who wants what they say to be heard and understood by others more fully. We will focus on ways that are most likely to connect us with other people, and learn what may lead others to disengage from us. We explore the power of active listening and empathy to engage and connect us with others. And how when we acknowledge our interconnectedness, the links we make often carry greater weight and value. We also look at the issues we face when we feel passionate about our message. While this training is suitable for anyone from any background, we wish to offer it at especially low prices, in a not-for-profit spirit, to support people working in the low-carbon / transition / green movements.

If you would like to read more about Non-Violent Communication before booking, Marshall Rosenberg's book "Non-Violent Communication: A Language of Life" is available to borrow in the Cafe Project, during the Transition Cafe evenings and at other times.

About the Trainers

Locana (Elizabeth English) (more details at
As a certified NVC trainer, a qualified practitioner of Focusing and a member of the Western Buddhist Order, Locana draws on a number of approaches. She integrates these into her work, both as a consultant for resolving conflicts and grievances, and as a trainer, coach and mentor in a wide range of professional and personal environments. She works with businesses and organisations (such as the NHS and the police), as well as one-to-one with individuals.

Vajrasara (Annie Rankin) ( more details at
Vajrasara has worked in communication for 20 years, initially as a writer and editor in the national press; then as Communications Director for the Western Buddhist Order. A certified NVC trainer, she runs courses in communication and conflict resolution for organisations and individuals, as well as team building and mentoring. She also enjoys writing, teaching meditation and Buddhism, and leading retreats.


Cambridge Buddhist Centre
38 Newmarket Road
Cambridge CB5 8DT


Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

Costs for the weekend

125 standard rate
95 concessionary
80 Special green concessionary rate
(Or contact us if you are in need of further reduction)

Green Concessions

For this workshop, we would like to support people who are choosing an especially low income, so that they can devote more time and energy to supporting a sustainable environment. If because of this choice you would genuinely struggle to pay the standard or concessionary rate, and yet you believe the workshop will help you contribute to your vision, we would like to offer you the special green concessionary rate. Please decide for yourself if this offer applies to you, and follow the usual booking procedures.

Booking and queries

You can book online, by cheque or by bank transfer please see here for details (links to pdf file containing booking form).

If you have any queries about booking or the event generally, please contact Yogaratna (event organiser) on 01223 327 253.

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