Transition Policy Meeting Notes - How we work (or aspire to)

These are notes from a recent meeting on this that we will continue to update in consultation. The following text is an expansion of the notes made during the meeting.

Internal communications

  • minutes of our meetings are public


We aim to buy the things we need locally, and we do our best to ensure that things have a low carbon footprint, are recyclable/reusable/compostable and/or made from recycled materials.

Working with other organisations

  • We recognise the need to be sensitive to the needs and issues of other organisations.
  • We do our best to include all relevant names/logos in publicity.
  • We aim to build bridges, cooperate and fill gaps, rather then compete, reinvent or duplicate


  • We have a constitution, and our officers are our chairperson, treasurer and secretary.
  • We also hold an AGM usually in September/October

Acceptance policies - what we advertise in our newsletter (and generally what we support)

  • We aim to advertise/support events/news relating to local events, positive ideas, sustainable activities, with a focus on doing practical things that contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our resilience e.g. in the face of rising energy prices.
  • We aim to be inclusive of everyone
  • We do not campaign (particularly against things - we prefer to promote positive alternatives)
  • We do not align ourselves with political parties or religious groups (i.e. we don't co-organise events with faith groups, but all are always welcome)
  • We aim to keep our events inexpensive and do not aim to make profits (except occasionally as part of fund-raising events)

See events page for a fuller description of these policies.


  • E-mail addresses on our web-site are hidden - we provide a form that allows e-mails to be send without addresses being visible.
  • We discourage the inclusion of personal phone numbers or addresses.
  • We keep our newsletter e-mail list private (only 5 people have the password to access this)


  • We are funded by grants and donations from individuals and companies.
  • We would not accept funding from companies whose policies or activities were in opposition to Transition objectives.
  • We do not aim to make money (but we do aim to break even with all our projects and events)
  • We try to keep our outgoings low to avoid a need to have much income
  • We occasionally apply for grants for individual projects/activities
  • We provide 250 seed money to Transition-aligned projects (application form to be created)

Support for our members

  • We aim to provide support to all who are involved in our activities, to the best of our ability.

Food at our events

  • We do our best to provide vegan/vegetarian food at our events, and also to cater for special diets where we can

Other notes since this meeting

As we are all volunteers, no-one has a right to tell anyone else what to do unless they ask for direction! People may make requests, but everyone always has the right to say no.

In relation to how Transition Cambridge works and is structured, those with suggestions for changes are invited to get involved to really understand why and how we work currently. Once they have shown a commitment to continued involvement and making a contribution to what we do, then is the time to make suggestions for changes. Our current organisation was agreed via a number of consensus meetings, and a similar consensus process would be required to bring about changes. Such matters can be brought up at the hub or at our Annual General Meeting.