List of Growing Spaces

Our goal is to create as many new edible gardens and spaces as we can by summer 2013. Below is a list of the spaces we've helped to create so far:

Space 1 - Romsey Town Community Garden, Located at the junction of Madras and Marmora Roads. This space will be managed by local residents, the community development group Ad Lib, and Transition volunteers
 Before, with lots of brambles, grass, and though you can't see it, rubbish! The most interesting thing we found while clearing up this space was a stethoscope!It really is the same space! After much clearing out of brambles, grass and turning over the soil we have rows of lettuce, cucumbers, an oak tree, sweet peas and more.

Space 2 - St. Regis House on Chesterton Road (Clare College). This space will be managed by local residents and the Clare College Growers' Group
 Before, a boring piece of grass!A very productive herb spiral, a strawberry patch, and lots of room for residents to grow vegetables.
   As an added bonus, all of the materials you see in the new garden were reclaimed from skips (with enthusiastic permission from former owners) and from the lovely St. Regis groundskeeper and neighbours.

Space 3 - A new vegetable garden at Woodlands Care Centre in Arbury. This growing space is in partnership with Young At Heart. Another dig day will be coming soon.
 Before, just grass.Now two beds, with peas, lettuce, marigolds, leeks and more, as chosen by residents. A wheelchair height herb garden was also built (not in this photo).
   Thanks to Cambridge Woodworks for donating the wood for the raised herb bed (coming soon!), and to Sarah for the topsoil!

Space 4 - A council-owned bed on the corner of Norfolk Street and Staffordshire Street, ready to plant.
 An unhappy flower bed before.We planted squash, broccoli, courgettes, aubergines and some herbs, in the first year, and just replaced these annuals with gooseberries, borage, strawberries and chives so residents can enjoy the crops for years to come.
   Thanks to Jacky and Anna for the plants in the first year and to the volunteers who helped to plant them. If you would like to help keep an eye on this garden local volunteers are needed!

Space 5 - Four neglected planters on Norfolk Street.
 Nettles and cigarette butts were the main crop here.Parsley, chives and mint trio (identical for all four containers).
   Some local kids assisted with the planting and we cleared out an entire carrier bag full of weeds and rubbish! When these herbs didn't survive the winter, we tried again. Our efforts seem to have stimulated the local neighbours, because the containers were planted full of beautiful flowers, including begonias which happen to be edible.

Space 6 - Small Empty Lot near Castle Row.
 This is a small piece of land that used to have some landscaping and a bench at one point but was vandalised and subsequently fell into disrepair.Three apple trees, a hazel tree, raspberries, rhubarb and some herbs now live here, brightening up the local area.
   Big thanks to our digging team, to Simon Lacey for the permaculture design, Matt Sigery with the City Council for helping to obtain permission and to the local residents for their positive feedback

Space 7 - Empty Patch in the landscaping outside St. Regis on Hamilton Road.
 Growing Spaces can be big or small: this one is quite small! The normal landscaping trailed off, leaving this open patch for a new resident.We've put in two rosemary plants (only one featured above!) and some chamomile.
   Thanks to the wonderful Clare College managment for being so open to us putting plants in wherever we find spare spots!

Space 8 - Edible Garden at Brown's Field Youth and Community Centre.

 A couple of bare patches scattered with weeds in the front bed of the community Centre.Strawberries, raspberries, mint, thyme, sage, lavender, nastertiums, applemint, parsley, and chives are scattered throughout this space, and we added mulch.

Thanks to county councillor Ian Manning, and centre Staff Andrea Buttler and Jane Coston for making it happen!

Space 9 - A bit of Rhubarb and Mint Photos coming soonPhotos coming soon
 A little bit of empty space next to an ornamental bush, near Pye's Recreation Ground.Rhubarb and some mint are now keeping the ornamental company.

Space 10 - Hanover Court Entrance
 This spot next to the main entrance of Hanover Court was once home to a defunct electrical box.City staff took out the box and we put in blackcurrants, rhubarb, strawberries and chives. It's a challenging, shady spot, but hopefully we've picked the right plants for the space.

Space 11 - Ransome Close
 This little spot was abandoned and lay empty for months. Note to self: don't forget to take the "before" photo!We added in some lemon thyme, marigolds, chamomile, strawberries, one lemon verbena and lots of mulch!

Space 12 - Wycliffe Court Soft Fruit Aisle
 Overgrown with weeds, including plenty of nettles. Ouch.Local residents were thrilled and gave our volunteers tea when we put in blackberries, blackcurrants, strawberries and blueberries. Welcome to the new fruit aisle at Wycliffe Court!

Space 13 - Wycliffe Court Lavender
 A raised bed with a little extra space at Wycliffe court.We added in two lavender plants, which shouldn't need maintenance and can be harvested for a special ingredient in cooking or for scenting clothing or making soaps.

Space 14 - Edible Community Garden at Murray Edwards College
 That grassy area is due to be turned into an edible garden for students, staff and Cambridge residents. First work day is 16th February, anyone is welcome to help. For more info visit the facebook page here.After photo coming soon!

 Help us find our next Growing Space! 
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