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This is a project idea, not currently ongoing.

What is the project?

Here write a brief summary of what the project is. Don't put everything here as you can go into more detail further down the page. Here you could include a brief history of how the idea came about, any similar projects or the ethos/inspiration of the project. You could even put in an invitation to explore more below.

Here put a large image or embedded video (whichever is available to you).

More Information

Here you can include some smaller project ideas that may fit under the heading of the seed project. For example; a project about fruit harvesting could include organising a community apple event. This is also a place to expand on the idea in more detail, highlighting any key areas of learning. If this idea is based on a project that did not quite work out, explain what didn't work and how this can be overcome/done differently.

Useful Links and Resources

  • self explanatory section: don't forget to write a sentence on where the link goes/how it is helpful
  • make sure all links and resources put in are functional

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A bit of fun

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