Pop Up Veg Swap Stall

Check out the Pop Up Produce Swap Stall idea below!

This is a project idea, to copy or adapt for your own comunity.

What is a Pop Up Veg Swap?

Pop Up Veg Swap stalls are a great way to deal with an abundance. Anything can be bought to these stalls, including chutney, or spare plants. As well as making sure a glut is put to good use, they also bring the community together for produce-swapping fun!

More Information

The inspiration from this project comes from the Rock Abundance and Chesterton Abundance stalls that were set up in local areas in Cambridge 2014-16. These proved very popular with the local community and an effective way of ensuring one person's glut was turned into another person's treasure! The leadership for these projects has ebbed, but the idea and resources still remain, you are welcome to make use of them in your own community!

It's easy to set up a stall!

  1. decideon a date
  2. book a venue
  3. advertise ( download and adapt the Abundance poster template below)
  4. get there early to set up
  5. enjoy the swapping!
  6. (optional step) donate any leftover produce to a charity, such as FoodCycle

Useful Resources

Chesterton Abundance Flyer 2014 [[Abundance Poster Template A4->https://www.transitioncambridge.org/thewiki/wiki-uploads/TTFood.

Just imagine all the food abundances that could appear at the stall...

A trayful of tomatoes...

...a gathering of gourds...

...mushroom madness...

...a cascade of cucumbers...

...or just a pineapple party!?

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