Making the Most of Food - CaSFA

Transition Cambridge Food Group, partners in the Cambridge Sustainable Food Alliance (CaSFA)
This event is funded by Love Food Hate Waste via the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Waste Partnership RECAP

Making the Most of Food

Saturday 29th Jan 2011 1pm to 5pm
Cambridge Cookery School, Purbeck Road
(behind Hill’s Road Sixth Form College),Cambridge
Tickets £10 (concessions £5)

Here is an opportunity for you to:

  • Learn to make quick & easy, delicious dishes using seasonal fruit & veg
  • Join in with food preparation, and share tips on using up leftovers
  • Get a grip on what ‘Best before’, ‘Sell by’ & ‘Use by’ labels really mean
  • Hear how to save money (and the planet) by avoiding food waste
  • Discuss food trade ethics.

Download this poster:
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The first Making the Most of Food event in 2009 was a great success - see here for what we did and here for some of the tips we learnt. This will be even better.

We welcome representatives from sustainability and community groups of all kinds in the Cambridge area, and will be encouraging participants to run their own 'Making the Most of Food' events.

Programme organisers please note, CaSFA can support you in adapting our programmes. Come and preview something you could run for your group.

Places are limited and you do need to book. If you would like to come please let us know by giving us your contact details (or send us an email):

Name*:  Email*: 
Contact phone number:  Organisation: 

This event marks the launch of the Cambridge Sustainable Food Alliance (CaSFA).

CaSFA is a partnership between a number of organisations with an interest in food and sustainability in the Cambridge area Founder members are:

Cambridge Carbon Footprint
Cambridge Climate Change Charter
Fulbourn Forum for Community Action
Histon and Impington Climate Change Action
Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership
Transition Cambridge Food Group

We aim:

  • To raise awareness of the issues of sustainable, ethical food supply; and
  • To promote food planning, purchasing, storage and preparation practices designed to minimise food waste in the home.

We'd be delighted to hear from as many local sustainability and community groups as possible, both to take part in our 'Making the Most of Food' event and to consider joining us and helping to develop the alliance.

We're hoping CaSFA can evolve into a powerful, effective, ongoing influence on food sustainability issues in the Cambridge area.

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