Transition Cambridge Food

Welcome to the Food Pages! Follow the links below to discover what we are doing to transition to more resilient and earth-friendly food habits.


Welcome to the Ongoing Projects page! Here you can find information on all operational Transition food projects. Currently, all of our projects are garden/farm-based, but we have had other types of projects going on (see the archive section for more details). Projects are open to anyone, regardless of experience or age. Taking part is a… more


Welcome to the Archive! The Transition Food Group archive contains projects, which hit road blocks that they could not overcome or came to a natural end. The details of these projects have been collected here, so that the information can be stored, passed on or even used to revive the projects. Inside you will find… more


Welcome to the Seed Project Pages! If Transition is the soil, in which projects can grow, then these projects are the seeds, waiting for the gardeners. By this we mean that these are ideas, with some work behind them, that have yet to be acted on. They are waiting here, in our seed bank, for…more

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