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The Grow Zones project is currently dormant.

What is Grow Zones?

The idea of Grow Zones is to make growing a much more manageable and enjoyable activity. It does this by bringing together around 6 households to share the work on each others' gardens. The group would work on a different member's garden each session. Each gardner could achieve their own garden dreams and help others achieve theirs, as well as having a great time with other gardeners while doing so!

The Grow Zones project ran for a number of years in Cambridge, before becoming dormant in the 2015 season, as there was no new leadership. However, there are many resources available for any Cambridge inhabitant wishing to start up this amazing project again!

How did Grow Zones work?

Grow Zones is a national campaign that started in Bristol It was run in Cambridge using the same idea.

Step 1: Advertising

The enthusiastic Grow Zones leader would start by coordinating marketing. Possible strategies included:

  1. flyers
  2. FaceBook Page
  3. Website Updates
  4. Posters in shop windows
  5. and even a radio shout out!

Step 2: Introduction and Planning

Then it was time to organise the introductory meeting to see who was on board. When they had secured their intrepid gardeners they then set about planning the sessions in the following planning meeting in April, ready to begin the growing season!

Step 3: The Sessions

Growing sessions would take place on a weekend morning over the months of growing season (really based on the work gardeners wanted done). There would be gardening in the morning with a tea break - of course! - then a lovely shared lunch after the work had been done, leaving the afternoon free for the gardeners to go about their daily business.

Step 4: Wrap Up Meeting

This meeting offered consolidation for the years work - a celebratory feast! And the time for the next Grow Zones leader to step forward.

More Context and History

Here is a flyer created by previous Grow Zones coordinators.

To find out more contact Marie.

the story of Grow Zones

Grow Zones brought eager gardeners together...

...whatever the weather!

There were gardens all over Cambridge...

...and a plan of action.

Grow Zones empowered people to garden!

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