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To register as a garden owner with Cambridge Garden Share, either submit your details on this form (which will send an email to us), or you can ring Ann on 07814 258381 and she will take your details over the phone. This is a great time to prepare a patch for planting next Spring.

If you are the owner or responsible for a larger plot of land, please still fill in as much as is relevant on the form, and let us know more about the land in the box at the bottom of the form.

First some questions about you:

First name:
Last name:
Gender:male female
Home phone:
Mobile phone:
Preferred contact method:

Now about your garden: it would be helpful if you could answer as many of the following questions as possible but if you are not sure of the answers, do not let that put you off. We can discuss further when we contact you.

Do you have a photograph of the area of your garden that you are intending to share? if so please attach it here, otherwise please give an indication of the veg patch size in feet, metres or paces, and the current condition - (weedy/overgrown/ ready to plant etc).

How would the gardener have access to your garden (is there a side entrance or would they have to go through your house)? And how often would they have access (all the time or only when you're there if only when you're there please say how often that would be)?

Do you have any tools that a gardener can use?

Do you have an outside water supply?

yes no

Would you want food to be grown organically?

yes no not sure

What do you hope to get out of the scheme?

And finally:

Is there anything else about you or your garden that you think we should know?

Do you have any questions for us?

How did you hear about us? e.g. radio program, leaflet or poster (and where), friend..

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