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Gardeners of all levels of experience are invited to take part in the scheme if you have never grown food before, there is plenty of advice out there, and it is all a matter of learning! You could start by attending our Grow Your Own Vegetables course. But please be aware that agreeing to grow veg in someone else's garden can be quite a commitment you'll need to be looking after the garden at least once a week and more than that when the weather is hot.

To register your interest as a gardener, please submit your details on this form (which will send an email to us), or ring Ann on 07814 258381 and she will take your details over the phone. Bear in mind that we may not call to arrange to meet you for a few weeks, until we have a list of garden owners who may be suitable for you.

Once we have your details, we will arrange to meet with each potential gardener in person to go through what might be expected on the scheme.

First some questions about you:

First name:
Last name:
Gender:male female
Home phone:
Mobile phone:
Preferred contact method:

''Now, to help match you with the most suitable garden owner, it would be useful if you can answer as many of the following questions as possible. If you not sure how to answer any question, don't worry, one of the team will contact you in due course. What level of gardening experience do you have? (No problem if it is none!)

Beginner Keen amateur Qualified gardener

How often would you be available to work on the garden? (just at weekends or in the week as well? how many times a week?)

Some garden owners are keen to work with the gardeners, and there are some gardens that are large enough to need more than one gardener. Would you be happy to share the work with the garden owner and/or other gardeners, or do you have a friend or partner who plans to work with you?

Happy to share Rather work on own Have a partner/friend

Any other information about your working preferences we should know?

Do you have a bike or other transport to travel to the garden, or are you willing to travel by public transport? (We aim to match up people who live near each other as far as possible, but the further you can travel the greater choice of gardens you'll have.)

Do you have any tools you could take with you?

Would you want to grow food organically?

Yes No Not sure

Do you have a current valid CRB check? (This is not a requirement of the scheme, but some garden owners may ask for gardeners with a CRB check, so if you already have one it will give you the choice of more gardens.)

Yes No

What do you hope to get out of the scheme?

And finally:

Is there anything else about you that you think we should know?

Do you have any questions for us?

How did you hear about us? e.g. radio program, leaflet or poster (and where), newsletter(which) friend..

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