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The CamBake Community Bakery project is currently dormant.

What is CamBake?

CamBake is a community bakery that started in 2012. All their loaves, which they sold at community events, were hand-made by people working co-operatively and sourcing local ingredients.

Work on this project stopped in 2014, because they did not have enough dedicated leadership, nor a full-time baker and were short on required investments. However, the idea for a community bakery in Cambridge is still out there, and CamBake volunteers hope that one day it will come to fruition! Feel free to explore the CamBake project below!

Watch the video below to check out a slice of the CamBake action! Thanks to CamBakers Meg and Alison for being part of the film! My video

What did CamBake achieve?

CamBakers baked and sold (and often sold out of) bread at local community events and markets. Fulbourne market was a regular and welcoming venue, but they also sold at Arbury Carnival, EAT Cambridge Food and Drink Festoval and others.

"Getting up before dawn to allow enough time to bake, we produced a range of freshly made breads using flour from the wonderful Fosterís Mill at Swaffham Prior. Visitors to our stall selected from focaccia, seeded rye, multi-grain, spelt, white, wholemeal, fruit and nut loaves and even some seasonal hot cross buns. Accompanied by some lovely cheese with thanks to the Cambridge Cheese Company, it is no wonder that we sold out within two hours!" An account of the Fulbourne market stall as told by a volunteer

And we musn't forget the exciting CamBake business project! Towards the end of the project, CamBake was looking to lease an existing bakery from the Council to provide volunteer-baked bread to the community. Transition wanted to put together a project which would grow this existing bakery into something really special, with the hopes that in the future, this could become a diverse community resource maybe with a community kitchen, an art space, bike repair workshops... the possibilities are endless!

More History and Context

To see what happened at CamBake check out their facebook page for details of previous projects and many (many) pictures of volunteer-baked bread.

To find out more contact email link

the story of CamBake

CamBake bread was keenly bought by the community...

...with volunteers manning the stall giving a face to the dough.

CamBakers were not afraid to try new things...

...but sourdough remained a firm favourite!

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