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Evolution of Transition Cambridge – new Transition Cambridge Hub

(This is intended as a discussion document – we welcome your feedback)

Sent out 27 November 2009 after being put together by the current steering group, in particular James, Jono, Anna and Nicky.

Transition Towns steering groups form with the intention that they will ultimately dissolve when enough sub-groups have formed. We feel the time has come for this restructuring of Transition Cambridge, and the following is our suggestion for a way forward. We welcome your input and feedback on this document; you can either e-mail your comments to us or there will be a meeting on Monday 11 January in the Friends Meeting House when you are invited to discuss this. The meeting will start at 7:30pm, finishing by 9pm, and then we will be showing the new ‘In Transition’ film (lasts 50 minutes). Everyone who is currently involved with Transition Cambridge is welcome at this meeting.

We feel this restructuring is important in order to ensure that the sub-groups all have an equal say in the direction of Transition Cambridge, and so that we can work more efficiently and effectively together.

How might it work?

The current sub-groups and area groups would remain unchanged, and the current steering group would become the awareness-raising group. There would be new meetings with two members of each sub-group/area group, and this group would take over from the steering group, coordinating and facilitating Transition Cambridge activities.

Meetings could be once a month, and might take the form of a shared meal, followed by the meeting itself. For example, meetings could be on the first Monday of each month (no other sub-group currently meets on that day), starting with a shared pot-luck meal at 6:30, and then with the meeting from 7:30 until 9:30pm. Observers would be welcome (possibly only as silent observers).

Meetings could start with a time where each group presents what it is up to and gets brief feedback, followed by a time for general discussion where groups could bring up issues, communicate needs, coordinate activities, make decisions that affect the whole of Transition Cambridge, and coordinate a unified strategy which would include overseeing the creation of an Energy Descent Action Plan.

These meetings would allow all sub-groups to contribute to a Transition Cambridge strategy and to coordinate their events (e.g. so they don't clash or can help each other) and cross-fertilize ideas. Most importantly this group ensures that Transition Cambridge exists as a single entity, with the benefits that this brings in terms of publicity, fund-raising, efficiency of time and resources etc.

The current steering group would become an awareness-raising sub-group, also with 2 members in the hub. It would be responsible for putting on general transition events such as large film showings and social events, running stalls etc, and would offer resources to assist other groups with awareness raising activities, e.g. by loaning DVDs, projector, screen etc.

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