Community Growing Projects

Community Growing Projects in Cambridge

Transition Cambridge supports a number of growing projects, including community gardens, orchards, Growing Spaces and Grow your Own courses. You can find more information about each of these projects here:

Community Gardens

What are they?

Community gardens are growing projects where people come together to grow fresh food, flowers, wild plants and more. They are becoming ever more popular and come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny flower beds, through fruit and vegetable plots to large wildlife areas. Some are associated with schools, work places or private residential developments, others are completely open to the public.

Community gardens aim to bring the local community together in a space for leisure and relaxation, to provide people with gardening and sustainable lifestyle skills, and to grow produce for the benefit of local people.

How do they work?

Transition Cambridge’s Community Gardens are run and maintained by volunteers from the local community. The spaces are available for anyone to use at any time: to work the land; to gather the produce; to sit and relax; to bring friends, a book, or a cup of tea; to hold events; or to attend workshops and gatherings. The gardeners meet up regularly to enjoy the spaces together but this is not an essential part of being involved.

Why get involved?

Community Gardens provide benefits on many levels:

  • Health benefits including physical activity, mental well being and good nutrition
  • Social benefits where people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds can work, play, learn and socialise together or just relax alone in a green space.
  • Environmental benefits including greater biodiversity, reduced ground water runoff, reduced urban heating, local food production and green spaces.
  • Safety and urban beautification benefits as vandalism, crime and littering rates are found to diminish around gardened spaces.

How can I get involved?

Everyone is welcome regardless of age or experience. Some of our youngest gardeners aren't even walking yet! At Empty Common Community garden we have wheelchair accessible raised beds making it easier for those in chairs and the infirm.

Even if getting your hands dirty is not your cup-of-tea, please come down, have some tea and hopefully cake and meet people! It is as much about bringing the community together as it is about gardening! Tools and gloves are also available, although if you have your own, it's always useful to bring them.

See our garden’s individual pages (Empty Common Community Garden and Romsey Community Garden) on this site to find out how to contact them, where they are, what they are up to and when their community gardening days are.

Growing Spaces

The Growing Spaces Project aims to increase the number of food producing public and community spaces in Cambridge. Growing Spaces can be public spaces, unused bits of land in your community, college owned spaces, school gardens, rooftops, window boxes, containers, raised beds or any other option we can think of! Read more here->TTGrowingSpaces.HomePage]].

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