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Transition Cambridge in Cherry Hinton

~ celebrating the strength of a community ~

Cambridge has official 'Transition' status which means it is making the transition from a high-carbon, fossil-fuel dependent way of life... to a low-carbon, more sustainable, resilient way of life.

Here in Cherry Hinton, we are starting to look at how we build this kind of community.

Here are some examples of what's already happening:

- Since November 2009, a branch of the Rainbow Credit Union has been open every Tuesday 2-4pm at the Family Centre of Cherry Hinton Baptist Church on Fisher's Lane.
- Cherry Hinton Hall: children's playground, ducks/swans, squirrels, Folk Festival.
- Friends of Cherry Hinton Hall
- Tea dances - 3x per month at Cherry Hinton Village Centre
- Weight Watchers community group
- Monthly Bingo & sing-along
- Family quiz nights
- Cubs
- Buses
- Chalk Pits
- Local shops
- Allotments
- Gardens at Colville School
- Library
- Women's Institute
- Cambridge Building Society
- Local bakery (Dorringtons) - family owned, uses locally grown flour
- Cherry Hinton History Society
- Friends of Cherry Hinton Brook (see
- Churches
- Cherry Hinton Festival

What's next?
It's up to us. Come along to a public event and help us generate ideas and then decide on next actions.

Some ideas:
- A regular Farmers Market
- Train track: new station
- Solar panels on school roofs
- Improved public transport, especially buses
- Wild Food/Medicine From Nature walks
- Borrowing a community apple press to make juice from surplus local apples
- Bus shelter built from cob - a cob-building weekend, maybe involving local teens

For more ideas, visit our Events page here to see some of the ideas generated at our meetings.

Have other ideas you'd like to add to this list?

Email them to Jerry ( he can add them.

Want to get into action?

Finally, make sure you've added your name to the Transition Cambridge bulletin e-mail list and you'll receive information about Transition events which are taking place across Cambridge - including in Cherry Hinton.

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