Here are some great recipes which can use up leftovers. We tested them out at Making the Most of Food Jan 2011 and they are all delicious.

From stale bread there are three easy recipes:

  • croutons - great with soup. Can top with cheese
  • breadcrumbs - useful for crusty toppings, can be frozen until you need them
  • poor man's pesto - a mix of breadcrumbs garlic and herbs great with pasta.

Turn cooked potato (roast, boiled or mashed) into fried potato cakes

Turn cooked pasta and left over vegetables into a creamy pasta bake

Raw but limp vegetables can be used to make stock. Cooked leftovers can make a delicious frittata (an italian omelette with garlic and vegetables) or a spicy vegetable curry. Or just have them cold with a velvety home-made mayonnaise.

Download the recipes here (230 kb).

CaSFA is: Cambridge Sustainable Food Alliance

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