Seed Saving Tips

At Seedy Sunday this year we asked people for their best seed saving tips, which they posted onto our lovely tree, made for us by the folks at Wintercomfort. Here are some of their ideas:

  • Take your seeds from the healthiest and biggest plants
  • Harvest them on a dry day
  • Make sure they are totally ripe and dried out (green seeds or seeds in unripe fruit are often not yet fully developed)
  • Dry seeds out completely before putting them in bags or pots - they will go mouldy if they are damp
  • Store them in a cool dry place
  • Label them carefully with the name and date when you harvested them (some seeds need using the following year, e.g. parsnips; others will last a few years)
  • For many types of seeds (e.g. parsnip seeds), it's often easiest to put a bag (check for holes!) over the seed head and then shake the seeds into the bag or pull them off into the bag
  • Save tomato and pepper seeds by sticking them onto kitchen towel
  • Check that the plants will breed true (e.g. courgettes, squashes, pumpkins will interbreed, as will different types of beans)
  • Avoid collecting seeds from plants grown from F1 seeds - these may be sterile
  • To collect some seeds, you'll need to leave a few plants unharvested e.g. leeks, parsnips, onions, and let them grow the following year
  • Always collect seeds from a few plants so that there is some diversity among the seeds
  • Store them out of reach of mice! (and anything else that might like to eat them)
  • Don't forget to save some seeds for Seedy Sunday next year! 25 January 2015

Here are some tips we found on-line: