CamBake Community Bakery

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CamBake is for people in Cambridge that love bread - not taste-less, soul-less industrial bread but bread that still remembers the oven it was born in, made locally - from the finest locally produced ingredients.

CamBake is a community bakery, just starting out now. All our loaves are hand made by people working co-operatively. You will see them at community events.

CamBake at Fulbourn Famers Market Report

Saturday 31 March marked the launch of CamBake, a new community bakery for Cambridge. An initiative of the Transition Cambridge Food Group, CamBake aims to bring together residents to work cooperatively to make wholesome bread from fine local ingredients.

For our first outing, we decided there would be no better way to test the market than to secure a stall at the Fulbourn Farmers Market! Organised by Fulbourn Forum for Community Action, the Market features a fantastic array of locally made products from cakes to cosmetics and confectionery.

Getting up before dawn to allow enough time to bake, we produced a range of freshly made breads using flour from the wonderful Fosterís Mill at Swaffham Prior. Visitors to our stall selected from focaccia, seeded rye, multi-grain, spelt, white, wholemeal and fruit and nut loaves and even some seasonal hot cross buns. Accompanied by some lovely cheese with thanks to the Cambridge Cheese Company, it is no wonder that we sold out within two hours!

Special thanks should go to Peter Voshol from the Loaf for Life Bakery, and to everyone who came along to support CamBake. If you would like to get involved, please do contact Ivan, or come along to the next Transition Cambridge Food Group meeting.

And here's a picture of some of the people involved in getting CamBake started:


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