Charger the Wind Turbine

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Charger is the wind turbine constructed September 2010 on our course - thanks to Andy Tompkins,

Cambridge Greentech and V3Power, and with support from the Society for Environmental Improvement Trust.

The rotor blades are 1.2m diameter. Including the tower, Charger is approximately 7m tall. The uprights are made from water pipes. The rotor blades are pine and the tail is plywood. The rotor is mounted on the stator using a car wheel hub and the stator has copper coils embedded in cast polyester resin which you can't see. The magnets on the rotor interact with the copper coils to generate the electricity.

Charger is designed to charge a 12V battery which it connects to through a simple rectifier. However, a charge controller is recommended to protect the battery.

Charger is rated at 200W and you can see it running on Stourbridge Common in this short video.

In order to erect Charger, you need a space 12m square to set the guy ropes. Also, Charger will need room for a steady wind, preferably nothing higher than 3m for about 70m around, especially in the upwind direction.

There are more details about the workshop and Charger's construction here

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