Cambridge's Next Repair Café

Cambridge Repair Café

Date: tbc
Time: tbc
Venue: tbc

Cambridge Repair Café will back in the city soon, and in the meantime, here are the date of 9 upcoming Repair Cafés:

Barrington Sat 7 May 2pm - 5pm
Willingham Sun 8 May 10.30am - 4.00pm - their first!
Cambourne postponed from 14 May, new date tbc
Marmalade Lane (Orchard Park) Sat 21 May 10am - 2pm
Swavesey Sat 25 June 10 - 1pm
Cottenham Sun 26 June 10 - 2pm
The Edge Café Sat 9 July 12 - 3pm
Whittlesford Sat 30 July 2 - 4.30pm

Further details here

When you bring your broken item to a Repair Café, you'll be able to discuss the problem with a volunteer repairer who'll check it over and hopefully fix it. You can help them too if you like - we hope you will :) Please help the organisers by booking beforehand if possible, so they can do background research on your item and save time on the day.

What you can book in

Depending on the skills and experience of volunteers at each event, we are usually able to tackle small household appliances and electronics, bikes, textile repairs, garden tools and jewellery. We don't take TVs or microwaves unless we have a specialist on the team. And we don't usually take on mobile phone repairs as there are several reliable phone repair businesses locally. If we can't help with your item, we'll try and suggest a next step.

Do I need to pay?

Repair Cafés are free events, but we are grateful for any donations (cash please, we don't have a card reader) so we can cover our costs.

Tea and cake!

It wouldn't be a Repair Café without refreshments, so sit down and enjoy a cuppa and a cake while you're with us.

New - electrical waste recycling collection point

During most Repair Cafés there will have a recycling bin for small electrical items which are beyond repair. You can put most small items with a plug, battery or cable in the recycling bin, but we can’t take smoke alarms, damaged batteries, pressurised cylinders, laptops or screens.

The Cambridgeshire Repair Café network (aka Cambridge Skillshare and Repair) is a partnership between Transition Cambridge and Cambridge Carbon Footprint, and is supported by Drapers Tools and Mackays.

We continue to support groups in Cambridgeshire villages who run their own Repair Cafes, and run occasional training sessions for new groups in Cambridgeshire who would like to set one up locally.

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