Cambridge's Next Repair Café

Cambridge Repair Café with Sentec - a Xylem brand

Date: Sat 21 Oct, International Repair Day
Time: 1pm - 4pm
Venue: St Andrews Hall, Chesterton CB4 1DH

Cambs Repair Café network is teaming up with engineers from local company Sentec again to help you fix your stuff at a Repair Café on International Repair Day.

What to expect at our Repair Cafés

When you bring your broken item to a Repair Café, you'll be able to discuss the problem with a volunteer repairer who'll check it over and hopefully fix it. You can help them too if you like - we hope you will :)

Should I book?

We strongly recommend booking your item in advance - this enables us to do background research on your item and make time for more repairs on the day.

Bookings for our International Repair Day event open here and on the CCF website on 26 Sept.

We'll keep a few walk-in repair slots for the day, and will do our best to fit your item in if you are unable to book in advance.

What you can book in at a Repair Café

Depending on the skills and experience of volunteers at each event, we are usually able to tackle small household appliances and electronics, bikes, textile repairs, garden tools and jewellery. We don't take TVs or microwaves unless we have a specialist on the team. And we don't usually take on mobile phone or tablet repairs as there are several reliable repair businesses locally. If we can't help with your item, we'll try and suggest a next step.

Do I need to pay?

Repair Cafés are free events, but we are grateful for any donations (cash please, we don't have a card reader) so we can cover our costs and keep our toolkit fully resourced.

Tea and cake!

It wouldn't be a Repair Café without a chance so sit down and enjoy a cuppa and a cake while you're with us.

Electrical waste recycling collection point

At most Repair Cafés we will have a Council recycling bin for small electrical items which are beyond repair. You can put most small items - no bigger than an A4 piece of paper - with a plug, battery or cable in the recycling bin, but we can’t take smoke detectors, light bulbs, e-cigarettes (vapes) or batteries in these banks, except those that cannot be removed from electrical items.

More upcoming Repair Cafés around Cambs:

Further details at Cambridge Carbon Footprint here

The Cambridgeshire Repair Café network is a partnership between Transition Cambridge and Cambridge Carbon Footprint

We continue to support groups in Cambridgeshire villages who run their own Repair Cafes, and run training sessions for new groups in Cambridgeshire who would like to set one up locally.

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