Cambridge's Next Repair Café

Cambridge Repair Café

Date: Tuesday 3 Aug
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Venue: St Andrews Hall, Chesterton, CB4 1DH

The wait is nearly over :)

After 16 months, we're planning at last to restart Repair Cafés in Cambridge at a small socially distanced event, with pre-booked items only. We will be working within Step 3 Covid guidelines (of the government's 'roadmap') for indoor gatherings, and do not plan to move to Step 4 when wider restrictions are lifted on 19 July. Later in the year, if Covid retreats, we will review our procedures.

How to book for Cambridge Repair Café on Tuesday 3 Aug

Send us details of your broken item here and we'll book you a time slot.

We have around 8 volunteers ready to help you fix your stuff: clothes, small household textile items, jewellery, household gadgets, sewing machines, and possibly bikes.

We're sorry but we don't normally tackle mobile phone or tablet repairs as there are several local businesses who have the specialist expertise in this field. Similarly, we don't take on microwaves or some flat screen TVs. If we can't help with your item, we'll try and suggest a next step.

Thank you for your patience

Many thanks to everyone who's been in touch over the last 16 months, whether it's been with message of support or with a request for a repair. We're sorry we've not been able to help more of you get your stuff fixed, but hope you can dust your items off and get them to us before too long. We hope to follow our August Repair Café with more events in the autumn.

If you haven't yet caught the BBC's 'Dare to Repair' series, it's still available here. We promise you'll be both shocked by many manufacturing practices and inspired by the people fighting for the Right to Repair.

(If you're here for the first time, here's who we are:)

Repair Cafés in Cambridge City are organised by Cambridgeshire Repair Café network (aka Cambridge Skillshare and Repair) a partnership between Transition Cambridge and Cambridge Carbon Footprint, and supported by Drapers Tools and Mackays. We continue to support groups in Cambridgeshire villages who run their own Repair Cafes, and run occasional training sessions for new groups in Cambridgeshire who would like to set one up locally.