Transition Cambridge AGM 2021

7:30pm, Thursday 21st October, The Signal Box CB2 8DB. We will be in the Great Western room - and online.

You can now download the draft minutes from our AGM in 2020 here.

Running order for the meeting

As well as the formal business, we will have a presentation from Meg based on the permaculture design she has been doing for Transition Cambridge.

Formal business

  • Minutes from last AGM to be approved (Nicola Terry)
  • Presentation and acceptance of accounts (Sam Maddrell)
  • Any other business: items will be limited to 15 minutes including discussion, and possibly less if there are several items; therefore presentation of the issue will be limited to 3 minutes, to allow time for discussion and a decision if one is necessary. Please let us know by Monday 18th October if you would like us to discuss something during this part of the meeting.

For the formal business, only Transition Cambridge members can vote (friends are invited to observe). Anyone who volunteers with Transition Cambridge automatically becomes a member.

Celebrating Transition

  • Short presentations of what Transitioners are doing at the moment.

Permaculture design project on Transition Cambridge

  • Last year, Meg Clarke offered to do a permaculture design project based on Transition Cambridge. This is ongoing, and she has offered to present where she's up to at our AGM, followed by time for questions and discussion.

Meeting plan and notes from our AGM last year

Here was the agenda for last year's AGM and here are the draft minutes.

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