Transition Cambridge AGM 2020

You can now download the draft minutes from the meeting.

7:30pm, Thursday 29th October, online

This meeting will now take place online, not in person. We feel this is best given the local rise in cases over the last couple of weeks. The meeting will take place on Zoom, and you can join either online or via telephone: please register with Eventbrite, and we will send you the Zoom link.

This year we will have a new chair and we expect to ramp up activity in response to the increasing urgency of the climate problem. Your participation is key to this so please do come if you can.

"There has been such a lot of climate change in the news this year, and demonstrations in Cambridge, awareness is at an all time high. But people still need advice about what needs doing - what we can do ourselves and what we should be asking for.''- Nicola Terry

Running order for the meeting

The meeting will be chaired by Anna McIvor, with help from Nicola Terry, who'll be minuting the formal business section.

Formal business

  • Minutes from last AGM to be approved (Nicola Terry)
  • Thank you to outgoing officers, Jacky Sutton-Adam (chair) and Judith Rattenbury (treasurer), and to Nicola Terry, who has offered to restand as secretary
  • Nomination and election of new officers, Anna McIvor (chair) and Sam Maddrell (treasurer)
  • Presentation and acceptance of accounts (Sam Maddrell)
  • Any other business: items will be limited to 15 minutes including discussion, and possibly less if there are several items; therefore presentation of the issue will be limited to 3 minutes, to allow time for discussion and a decision if one is necessary. Please let us know by Monday 26th October if you would like us to discuss something during this part of the meeting.

For the formal business, only Transition Cambridge members can vote (friends are invited to observe). Anyone who volunteers with Transition Cambridge automatically becomes a member.

Celebrating Transition and exploring ways forward

Questions that we'll explore:

  • What do we love about Transition? What have we achieved so far? What draws us to being involved?
  • What opportunities does the current situation present in terms of what Transition Cambridge can engage with/make happen in Cambridge? What types of events/activities are now possible, and how can existing activities adapt? Where would we like to see Transition going into the future?

We'll spend about 20 minutes on each of these sets of questions, ending with a group brainstorm.

Finally, we'll check in with where people are at, and if there's anything people are particularly drawn to making a start on, or if there are obvious next steps that need acting on (e.g. to ask for volunteers for in the bulletin).

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