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Sunday 12th June 2011:

Open Farm Sunday, a day when thousands of farms across the country open their gates and let you have a nosey at what they're up to. We had a trip to College Farms, Duxford.

Thursday 24th March: Wheat milling evening - make your own flour!

Near the Green Dragon (contact Helen for address) 19:30-21:30
After two evenings in the cafe threshing and milling the Murray-Edwards college garden wheat, there's still lots to be milled using a small hand-mill. Very fun, a work-out for the arms, and take home your very own flour! Everyone welcome! Tea and biscuits provided. Contact Helen to let her know you're coming and to get her address.

Saturday 26th Feb: Visit to London City Farms

London (meet at Cambridge train station), 09:10-18:30
What are city farms and how do they work? Come and find out with us on a visit to two London city farms: Freightliners Farm and Surrey Docks Farm. This is a joint event between the Cambridge City Farm initiative and TC Farming Group, and everyone is welcome to come along! Children are also welcome to come (accompanied by adults).

Meet at 9:10am at Cambridge train station, we should get back by 6:30pm. Entrance to the city farms is free, but you'll need to buy your own train ticket and lunch in Freightliners cafe (or bring your own packed lunch). Please let Andrew know if you intend to come so that we can let you know any final up-dates.

Thursday 17th Feb: Wheat threshing and milling evening at the Transition Cafe

22a Jesus Lane, 19:30-22:00
We continued with the second batch of wheat, and then started milling the wheat afterwards. The wheat was grown in gardens of Murray Edwards College, and some of it will be baked in the cob oven they built there last year - so the bread will have travelled less than 1 mile in its production.
The picture on the right shows how we separated the wheat from the chaff! (Thanks to Carl for this picture.)

Saturday 22nd January 2011: Mini-conference - "The Future of Food - Plankton Pie or Carrot Cake?"

2-5:30pm, Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane CB5 8BA.

Event recording and presentations used by the speakers:

Where will the quest for a sustainable food supply take us?
We discuss the possible route for future food production in a world with a changing climate, growing population and decreasing fossil fuel reserves. Can large scale specialised farms, which have seen great successes, be adapted to continue to provide for us into the future, or will growing social change drive farm downsizing, urbanisation of food production, diet change, and reorganisation of local food networks? What balance of strategies along this spectrum will be needed to provide sufficient food with a low impact in years to come? Bring all your questions for the speakers in the panel debate, then choose from two workshops to discuss your ideas in more detail: “What is the role of science in the future of farming?” or “Increasing food security in Cambridge”.

Guest panel speakers will be:
Bill Clark, Director of agricultural research station Broom's Barn and EU IPM research group
Tomas Remiarz, Permaculture Association polyculture research leader
Ian Hodge, Cambridge University Professor of Rural EconomyKen Kelso Local Cambridgeshire organic farmer

2.00pm-2.15pm Welcome and Introduction
2.15pm-3.45pm Panel Debate
3.45pm onwards Refreshments
4:15pm-5:15pm Workshops
5:15pm onwards Refreshments and Close

From top: conference; Bill Clark; Ian Hodge; workshop participants.

Thursday 6th Jan 2011: Wheat Threshing evening at the Transition Cafe

22 Jesus Lane 19:30
About 25 of us came along to help thresh some wheat grown in the heart of the city in Murray Edwards College garden. The power cut in the cafe meant that it was a very low carbon event - the candles were lovely, and we even had live music from Helen, Jessie, Emily and Andy on the ukulele, violins and guitar. Thanks to everyone who helped!

Tuesday 7th December 2010: Film showing - "A Farm for the Future"

7:30pm Bharat Bhavan (the old library) on Mill Road
“A Farm for the future”, is a brilliant short film featuring filmmaker Rebecca Hosking returning to the Devon farm where she was brought up, intent on taking on management of the farm. Realizing high input agriculture is becoming increasingly threatened, she explores ways of farming in a post-oil world, finding inspiration in nature itself and in permaculture techniques in practice all over the UK. Recently shown on the BBC, this was a great chance to see the film and ask questions of local farmers dealing with the same issues. Locally sourced refreshments were be available. With thanks to Lush for helping to fund this event.
Watch a clip from the movie here
See the facebook event here

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