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The Story of your Breakfast workshop is now available online!

The education group is getting up and running again after a short break, and they have lots of ideas! More info to be posted here soon, and keep an eye on the Events page to see when their next meeting will be.

Of particular interest to schools at the moment is our Story Writing competition (closing date 30 April) - more info here!

The following workshops have been developed by Rosie Amos and Mark Skipper for Transition Cambridge to promote education on the dual issues of peak oil and climate change for children and adults alike!

  • The Story Of Your Breakfast: A workshop aimed at schools, years 7+, that reveals the complex energy dependencies of food production and explores fun ways to reduce energy use and increase awareness of the issues
  • Responding to climate change and peak oil, the Inner Game: A workshop aimed at mature audiences that explores issues of motivation and resistance to taking action in response to the global crises. This was delivered at The Cafe Project in Jesus Lane and as part of the Seed Bomb event at the University of Bradford Ecoversity in October 2008.
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