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  • All members of Transition are asked to add to the list the potential expertise providers and recipients in this wiki
  • Don't be afraid if this is your first wiki experience, you can't break or delete anything as all history is saved :)
  • Errrr but what's a wiki? See below...

The Eduction Group approach:

The newly reformed Education Group acts as conduit to connect the knowledge and expertise of local environmental groups (including Transition Cambridge) with local schools, youth groups, community organisations... and anyone else who would like to explore the ideas of transition.

This exciting approach will allow us to facilitate new connections in our community. It'll allow us to use the Transition Cambridge name and materials, while harnessing the skills of experienced local educators to avoid the duplication of effort.

There are two wiki's - a list of potential eduction providers and and list of potential education recipients. We would like to invite everyone with ideas to contribute! The Education Group will then act as a matchmaker, linking up education providers with eager recipients and facilitating the process under the Transition Cambridge banner.

A wiki? - what is it and how you use it:

  • A wiki is a page that can be added to and edited by all. It's tool for harnessing the power of an online community to create a useful information source by each member contributing a little bit of knowledge. A sum that is more than its parts.
  • It's very easy to use - and you can't break or delete anything as a history of edits is saved.
  • Go to one of the following pages, click edit in the top hand corner and start typing.
  • When you want to add a link, simply copy the sample "Transition Cambridge" code at the top of the pages
  • Contact {Daniel} for wiki-related questions and {Beck} for education-related questions
  • That's it...

Go on, get stuck in and tell us what you know:

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